remember when Elijah’s hair used to look like this?

photo (95)

and it was so perfect and adorable?

now his hair looks like this.

 photo (96)

and i’m totally devastated!

Adam was convinced that Eli’s hair was too shaggy and needed a haircut.
{“it is out of control!” he would say}
i kept fighting it and told him i love his hair
{and so did everyone else right?? he didn’t believe everyone else did too…}

he kept bugging me about it until finally i said he could give him a little trim to even out Eli’s hair since the top of it was kind of crazy/weird looking with this one really long tuft of hair.
and then…. a little trim turned into a full buzz!

photo (97)

i admit i got teary eyed as i watched those precious curls fall to the floor.
“it looks terrible!!” i kept shouting and the buzzer made its merciless way over my little boy’s head.
i couldn’t even bear to watch but when i would walk away Elijah would call out for me.
{he knew it was wrong too!}

now my sweet, blonde, curly-haired little baby looks like a big kid that just got home from baby boot camp.
every time i look at him it gives me a shock cause i am waiting to see all his little curly q’s.
[guys. it took so long to grow his hair too!! he was so bald before!]

i guess the one good thing about his short hair though is that it makes his face look especially chubby.
and we all know chubby little boys are the best!
and of course he is the cutest little chubby boy around!

but his little curls better grow back or so help me…


Anonymous said...

I think it makes him look more like Adam. He is so precious (Eli-not Adam, though I'm sure you think he's precious too!) This is what happened to Stockton too...sort of. We tried to trim it, and it ended up super short! But these cute boys are cute no matter what!

Aimee said...

don't you worry, he still looks darling. albeit maybe a little bit younger now with the short do. Good luck growing it back out :)

Anonymous said...

He is still adorable but you are right the curls were precious!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Adam is in so much trouble.... haha. ;) He's still a cute little kid!

Anonymous said...

We have so been through this. I could show you a picture of our son crying his eyes out and buzzed. It will grow back, faster than the first time. Poor kiddo. I liked the curls!

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

He still looks adorable. And it's good to try a short hair cut once just to see. ') Asher's hair took forever to grow out, too, but now it grows really fast after I trim it. I bet he'll have his curls back sooner than you think. :)

Anonymous said...

aw no, my son's curls didn't come back, I hope Eli's do!

Deveny said...

I get upset when we have to cut The Admiral's hair too... it makes them look too old. I'd be fine freezing them at this age.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awww...sorry about Eli's hair...i am sure it will grow back! so excited my son is going to have your son's name:-)

Mrs. T said...

They are ssooooo cute!!!! :)