SwimSpot $50 Giveaway

i haven’t had a new swimsuit since my first year of college.
for the most part it worked out fine.
i never really needed a new one because, well, quite honestly my body didn’t really fluctuate during those college years. [not enough well-rounded meals perhaps.]

well then i had a baby.
oh babies… how they change everything!
the summer after i had Elijah i remember wearing my old swimsuit while visiting Adam’s family in California. only i was so so embarrassed because a nursing mother + old swim suit from my non-lactating years is NOT a good combination!
it was pretty bad.

but it was one summer and it was pretty much over anyways so i didn’t think anything of it.
until we went to California this last April, again sporting the old swimsuit, thinking it would work out fine cause i’m not nursing anymore right?
went the complete opposite direction… as in, it had nothing to hold on to.
[TMI maybe?]

now that we are moving to Arizona, i’ve realized that maybe it’s about time to invest in a cute, modest swimsuit that i can feel comfortable in as we lounge around the pool daily trying to survive the 110 degree heat.
{and one that can avoid more unfortunate mishaps…}

one of my new favorite swimsuit websites is SwimSpot!
SwimSpot is a great online women’s swimwear boutique that has some of the most gorgeous swim suits i have ever seen. with top designer swimwear brands like Ella Moss, Splendid, and Athena, you are bound to find something you love.

here are just a small sample of some of my favorite suits from their site:

swimspot giveaway 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

the other great thing about SwimSpot is that they have this really great feature called Fit Specialist that will help you find the perfect suit for your body type.
i’m really terrible at shopping for my body type because i don’t really have anything to work with, ha! it can be really hard to find things that accentuate the right parts especially with swimsuits since they are not always so forgiving.
but with Fit Specialist i can generate a list of styles that would look good on me and help me feel the most beautiful and confident while at the pool!

and you don’t have to settle for pre-made swimsuit options.
SwimSpot also has a Bikini Builder app where you can design your own combinations and choose what you love best!

today, SwimSpot is generously offering a $50 gift certificate giveaway for {And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson} readers!
lucky duckies!

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::: p.s. Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby giveaway winner announced here!


Casey said...

I would love to get the Athena-Isle of Capri Tunic! It's super cute!

Jessica said...

I'd love the Guess Naughtical Bikini or Vintage Maillot One Piece. And your right, swimsuits are a MUST in Arizona!!

Kathy Schneider said...

I like the Pin Me Down One Piece

Erin said...

I love the African Queen Slimming Tankini!

Eloquent English said...

I def want the Luxe by Lisa!

Claire McKinnis said...

the opening night tankini top! so cute!!

pretty little things said...

such cute one pieces! xo


Ruthie Hart said...

luxe by lisa vogel!

Stacie Jones said...

Loving the Athena - Heavenly Bandeau Fauxkini :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

DYING over this. I'm in love with the coral suit in your #4.

Anonymous said...

I loveee the Ella Moss - Flora Bandeau Bikini top and bottom

Brooke said...

Oh so many good ones to choose from. I'm loving anything in black, and their Decadence swimsuit!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I'm loving the Luxe By Lisa Vogel suit! So pretty and great coverage!

Halie Renee said...

I love the Maldives Slimming Fauxkini One Piece, in Navy! I'm pretty sure that would give me a rockin' swim suit body ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like the Luxe By Lisa Vogel - Decadence Underwire Bikini Top

Mimi said...

i like the luxe by lisa vogel -- decadence maillot. :)

<3, Mimi
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Jennie said...

What disappoints me is that not a single one of these one-piece swimsuits advertised is not $50 or under. I think the cheapest one I saw was $71. They are gorgeous swimsuits and I would love to win, but it disappoints me that even if I were to win the giveaway, I'd have to shell out $21 of my own cash to buy a swimsuit from a company I would not have otherwise heard about. Nice marketing tactic, guys.

Gina Phillips said...

luxe by lisa one piece! :)gina

Lindsey Bell said...

I love so many of these! Opening night, heavenly slimming tankini, african queen slimming, nautica starboard, tide pool maillot, opening night maillot, opening day vintage maillot, heavenly bandeau fauxkini, elegant one piece, and simply chic asymetrical are all fantastic. I love the unique styles!

Christi Lynn said...

i love number 5!!

Chelsea said...

I love the Athena one, but I would probably look in their sale section :)

Courtney B said...

i want the ella moss bandeau bikini

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Tj and Amy said...

i would get the athena moorea slimming bandini top. amypugmire@live.com

Anonymous said...

i like the Ella Moss Flora bikini.

Ali Mills said...

I love the on board top!!

stefanie gladden said...

i love the ella moss reversible ruffle bikini

fb ann lyfe