Mama Bear Lena {interview + giveaway}

do you guys know Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby?
because if you don’t you are sorely missing out!!
i should know because i have been on the other side.

okay, confession time for you, Lena!
i have been following Lena’s blog for a while.
i can’t remember how i found it… but i know i have been reading it for quite a while.
i have seen her on Facebook and Twitter, all popular and nice and chatting with everyone.
i have read her posts and seen how cute her kids are, how much fun she has, how cute her clothes are, how far reaching her presence was, and of course how incredibly inspirational she is!
i think maybe i commented a couple of times but i always just kind of kept my distance.
i was completely intimidated by Lena because i thought i was for sure not cool enough to be in her circle.

fast forward a few months, and i feel like a total idiot & pansy!
guys, Lena is the most down to earth, incredible, inspirational woman i have ever met!
she is oh so kind, so supportive, and so very understanding.
working with her this month and being able to email with her has made me feel like we have just always been friends. no need to feel intimidated or nervous her.
we are just very good friends from the beginning.
and i love that about Lena! 

she can make everyone feel like a good friend from the moment you talk to her.
i feel so silly waiting for so long to really talk to her especially when she has been such a positive influence in my life. i feel truly blessed to get to know her and am so honored to have all of you get to know her a little more today as well!

so without further ado, here is a little more about Lena!


1. How would your friends describe you?
Shy & Trustworthy

2. What is the biggest lesson you've learned about living a happy life?
That no matter what your problems are, if everyone threw their problems in a pile, you'd probably pick your own again!  I think we're all given exactly what we should be able to handle. As long as my family is healthy and happy, nothing else matters!

3. How did you start your blog & shop and why?
I started when my son was born and would post sporadically about his milestones and life as a new mommy... a little over a year ago, it became more of a hobby and a great way to meet new friends!


4. What inspires you?
My kids. Without a doubt the most interesting people I've ever met!

5. What would your totem-pole animal spirit be? 
Definitely a bear. I can relate to the "mama bear" analogy!  ;)

6. What are some of your favorite items in your shop or blog posts [with links] and why? 

I like posts about my kids...
Ruby, for a day
Memphis, for a day

And I like this recent one about punk rock daddies:

I think these really showcase who I am!  I also have fun with fashion posts... like this one: Proud Outfit Post and this one: Funky Pants


7. How do you define success?
Being content is the most important. To be able to do something you love, is the highest achievement!

8. What advice would you give to new shop owners/bloggers? What did you wish you knew when you first started?
I wish I knew more about social networking and linkups when I first started.  It's so amazing to put yourself out there and meet people.  

9. What is a talent you have that you wish you used more?
I just started a new blog (Lena B Photography) and I'm hoping it'll force me to take & post more photos!

10. What are your goals for the future {long and short}? Do you have anything you want to change?
Basically, my goals are to keep going with what I'm doing... pay off some debt, buy a home of our own. Maybe make some extra money from my hobbies (photography, blogging, etc.).  Learn to sew!  Open an Etsy shop!

There's nothing I would change! I'm really enjoying my journey!



blog / facebook / twitter


i mean really, she’s awesome right??
and the posts she shared are some of my absolute favorites as well and i definitely think you need to check them out right away!


Lena is so kind that she also giving away this gorgeous scarf and a 200x100 ad space

Lena Giveaway 

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Susan said...

Hello! I found you on "It's Jilly" blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting your site today! Blessings!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That's too funny Megan! Lena really is a sweetheart! :)

Kristen said...

Cool, I just "met" Lena through the GFC blog hop & I will say, she's up there as one of my fav's! I don't know her on a personal level yet, but I'd love to. Great post! Hi Lena!!


xo, Jersey Girl said...

I love Lena's blog, glad I found you (new follower). Thanks for hosting this <3

xo, Jersey Girl

Lauren - Hippie Dog Company said...

So excited to have won this! Thank you!!