Saturday Favorites

happy saturday!

i hope you guys have some fun plans for today!
i have a list of stuff that i want to do for this summer but running out of time.
so hopefully we’ll be knocking off some of the things on my list today
{or we will be cleaning which is most likely what we really will be doing… fun huh?}

while you kick back and relax today and i’m stuck cleaning up after 2 boys,
here’s some great links you should check out!

love this sweet & powerful post by Lena of Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby.
such an important reminder that our children, and all people, are still amazing individuals despite whatever difficulties they may have and that we should always show love first.

this post is so so great! first of all, Ashley is hilarious and i could not stop laughing throughout the post. and second of all, she has touched on the exact reason why i wanted to start blogging in the first place. so perfect!

and while we’re on the blogging subject, this post by Raven of A Momma’s Pacifiers and Desires is absolutely brilliant! i have been thinking {and becoming frustrated with} blogging cliques lately and have thought about writing my own post on it but Raven says everything better than i could. definitely a must-read!

Margot has a really great series on her blog called Penny Pinching Tips. she gives really great ideas to save money and in this post she gives some great ideas to get local/fresh produce and save money. can’t wait to check all these out!

Rae is a really inspiring person and is constantly inspiring others as well! she started The Kite Project as a way to encourage others to follow their dreams. she will be starting another round in the future and i can’t wait to link up!

Chelsea always has great toddler activity ideas and this is one of my favorites!
i can’t wait to try this Milk-Painted Toast with Elijah one morning {when i’m not feeling lazy}.
i know he would love it and i will love the fact that it will help him actually eat breakfast :)


i absolutely love lighthouses! so when i saw this picture by Kim i was immediately drawn to it.
Kim has a wonderful eye for photos and has a lot of other beautiful prints in her shop.

Brielle from Mr. D & Me just opened up her own Etsy shop with a couple of super cute prints!
i love this baking one and think it would look so great in my kitchen {and the colors match great too!}
check out her shop here.


that’s all for now.
have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

love all of this! i hope you have a fantastic weekend as well!


Alyx said...

Can't wait to check some of these out!! Thanks for the recommendations!

brielle said...

thanks for the shout out megan!

xo, b.

Michelle said...

I love doing the painting break activity but I haven't tried it with the milk! I just do the food coloring, I also did it on plain sugar cookies with my daughter, fun! Thanks so much for sharing and I am a new follower! I am visiting from the GFC Hop over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

what a great recap of fun and awesome things!