a word about sponsorship

with the packing, moving, unpacking, getting everything set up that we need to survive, Adam starting school & a new schedule, helping Elijah adjust to a new place & routine, me trying to adjust… i’ve decided i will not be accepting any new sponsors** for August.

i have realized lately as we are trying to get ready to move and still make time for family how time consuming blogging & sponsors can be.
i feel rather neglectful of my family lately trying to maintain everything.

i know once we move and get settled i will want to be spending the most time with my family to help us all get adjusted to the new environment and schedules.
and because i will be spending time with them, i know i won’t be able to have the adequate time needed to really help sponsors grow their businesses.
i don’t want them to not get the help they deserve.

so for everyone’s sake, i’m taking a break from new sponsors for the time being.
i hope you can understand.
i’m grateful to all those who have sponsored me in the past and all the friends i have made.
i hope that once things settle down i’ll be able to find a good balance to my life to be able to accept sponsors again.


** i will still be honoring those who have won ad spaces or who we have discussed ad space before i decided to stop accepting sponsors. so no worries there! i just won’t be accepting any additional ones at this time. thanks!


Brittany TYD said...

I hope things go smoothly and you have time to relax!

Amanda said...

Way to go girl! What a great decision! I'm totally reworking my whole sponsor program in September - I don't like how laborious it has become.