Saturday Favorites

thursday & friday are the big moving days!
+ wednesday the big packing day.
wish me luck as i am going to be stuck in the car alone with Elijah for 12 hours!
{i’ve been panicking for weeks about this arrangement…}
happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts…
and lots of prayers!

   photo dump collage 2 

i think Elizabeth has one of the most beautiful blogs {both content and looks} that i have ever seen. i just love looking at all the little elements and things she incorporates!

i love seeing all the great craft link-ups and highlights from Blissful 55. some seriously awesome ideas!

i needed this. and i need to write it out my own gratitude list.

guys. i cannot get over how cute this shop is. this blanket is so adorable! can Eli be a tiny baby again?

i wish i could pull off red lipstick like this.

geekdom at its best.

this post gave me chills and made me cry. i believe in miracles.

i CANNOT WAIT to try this!!! obsessed to the core.

beautiful, powerful, put-me-in-my-place post on blogging.

who doesn’t like pretty note cards? especially if they are free!

why can’t i be this creative?? this banner is adorable, amazing, and free for you! Diana, you rock so hard!

great marriage article on combating Marriage Myths. i agree {and relate} to it all. do you see these myths in your own marriage?



Chrissy said...

Those are some amazing links, I am off to check them all out!
Hang in there, those 12 hours will be over before you know it! Sending lots of strength your way!
Hugs xxx

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Great links! Thanks for sharing. :)

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Praying you have a peaceful drive!!!!!!

Purposely at Home said...

You can do it, girl! :)


Kim said...

great links, thanks for the shout out! :)

Danielle Anderson said...

Thank you for the shout out!!

NaNa's Hugs and Kisses said...

Thanks so much, Megan - you are a doll !! I'm jealous - 12 hours alone with your baby boy - I don't get near enough time with mine anymore !! Enjoy every second - they grow up so quickly !! XOXO

Amanda Kristeen said...

Hope the transition to AZ is going well - moving is a pain - but how fun to be going back! :) Those pics are adorable by the way. Good luck!