what are little boys made of?

i decided last Sunday that i wanted to have Elijah’s birthday party that coming Saturday.
pretty ambitious since i hadn’t planned much before that moment.
even though Elijah’s birthday isn’t until the 21st, i knew it was going to be a super crazy week with friends & family in town, Adam’s graduation, Adam’s finals & papers, and then going to San Diego. all this week!
SO! if i wanted to have a party at all it seemed like Saturday was the day to do it!

 Elijah is all boy!
{except when he tells me my necklace is cute i guess, ha}
so i wanted to throw him an all boy party. but i didn’t want it to be just about cars or dinosaurs or sports, i wanted it to be everything boy!
then i thought of the nursery rhyme “What are little boys made of?” and that’s where i got my inspiration.

WEB RESIZE yellow slate  brunnette[via]

here is the invite i sent out so you can all feel invited too.
{the blue box wasn’t part of it, just protecting our info :)}
i made it from free digital scrapbook paper and found the little snail image online. i then put it all together using a basic photo editing program like Paint.net

Elijah 2nd birthday invite blurred

we then had lots of sweets & treats to munch on all based off of the nursery rhyme like
“snail shells” cake bites
“puppy dog tails” licorice
“puppy chow” Chex Muddy Buddies
little “mud pies” with worms
cupcakes with little frogs and lizards on them [made by my very talented friend Jessica]
and “frog food” which was popcorn, pretzels, and goldfish in little paper cones i made from extra scrapbook paper i had.

for decorations, i used toys and decorations from Elijah’s room to give it a whimsical & boyish theme. [and keep it really cheap!]
plus the toys doubled for keeping the kids entertained so all the adults could talk.
win win win. 

food table 4food tableCollages14Collages15Collages16Elijah's 2nd Birthday1Collages23birthday cake 2display 2Collages19 Collages20family picture                        

Elijah had a BLAST!!
i’m pretty sure {actually i’m certain} he just ran around the whole time playing with the toys and kids and stealing other people’s candy and cupcake frosting.
but that’s what birthday parties are for, right??

i’m really glad it all came together and i LOVE how it turned out!!
[of course the perfectionist in me wishes i bought tablecloths in the same color for the food tables but whatev]
and i know i couldn’t have done it at all without the help of my friends for all their support, ideas, letting me borrow stuff from them, helping set up, helping clean up, listening to me freak out when i was stressed…. everything!!
especially my friend Jessica who basically did everything! that lady is wonderwoman and i owe her a bajillion favors!!

to all who helped & came to celebrate Elijah’s birthday with us!
the birthday boy sure felt loved and enjoyed all the attention {and sugar!}
and his mama felt lots of love too :)



Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Megan how absolutely fun!! I love the theme and you did such a cute cute job of keeping the food with the theme too!! I would love it if you would link it up to my Sunday FUNday linky party if you get a chance :) Thanks for sharing girl!

Sarah B. said...

It turned out fabulous!! What a great theme - and the food looks delicious :)

Lindsay said...

SO cute, what a great theme!

Ashley said...

It looks AWESOME! Sounds like everyone had an amazing time. :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I love the theme! Seriously that is crazy you did all this so quickly! you did great. I am going to save this idea for a possible boy baby shower theme :-)

Shauna said...

What a awesome party! Its so cute and I love all the names you came up for the food.

Happy Monday.

Rachel said...

So cute megan! It looks like it was a lot of fun! Now I'm extra sorry we missed it!

:: ashley :: said...

happy birthday to him! what a cute theme!

Eryka said...

super cute!

Ashley said...

It turned out fantastic!!

p.s. I have a sign up in my son's room with that saying.

Natalie said...

What a cute party! I am already planning Max's 1 year party, yep, I am one of those moms lol!

Unknown said...

So cute ! You did a great job with everything! So glad it went so well :) Happy Birthday Elijah!

Gentri said...

I love it so much, Megan!! :D SO cute and you did a FANTASTIC job!! Is it funny that my eyes went straight to the cadbury eggs?? haha!

Jessica Sebastian said...

PUH-lease! It was all you, girly! I definitely had so much fun {helping} set up and eating all of that yummy food!

Unknown said...

SUCH a great idea M! You did an amazing job executing on such a short time period. That little guy is so lucky to have you for his mama :) LOVE YOU!

mK said...

Great Job on the party - it looks incredibly cute!!!

Bree said...

Oh my heck!! Cutest idea ever! :)

Unknown said...

AW! What a cute little boy party idea! I love all your little themed treats and snacks! :) Bet he had a blast!!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i can never get over how much of a mini-me elijah is with his dad!

Alexis Kaye said...

It looks awesome Megan! WOW i can't imagine how much time you put into that! And seriously you're such a good example of making your budget work for you. Everything looks amazing

leean robinson said...

What a party!!! You definitely could make money as a party planner. What a lucky boy Elijah is to have a mom who goes all out like this for his 2 yr old b-day party. Thanks for posting all the pics. Makes us feel like we are included. You are awesome!