Saturday Favorites: part 2

here’s the 2nd half of my Saturday Favorites from this week:

these letters from Her Threaded Needle are my current obsession. aren’t they AMAZING!?! 

i sincerely loved this post by Ashley about letting our creativity flourish! i love how she said that she sometimes hates her business because she never takes time away from it. at least once a week i tell Adam i’m going to quit my blog and just stop this whole thing altogether. i get SO frustrated, i get disappointed, i get hurt, and i just want to give up. but i think what Ashley said really hit me in that i probably get so frustrated because i spend too much time overworking. really great reminder for us all in whatever we do!

i love this new necklace from SodaPop Designs and the simple touch of the flower. and i really love that dark purple!!

each week Laura from Our Reflection hosts a Meet & Tweet Twitter Hop & giveaway! it is a great way to meet new people, grow your Twitter, and win an awesome prize. make sure you link up each week and meet new people!

when i first saw this necklace from Sebastian Design i kind of died. oh how i LOVE Downton Abbey!!
and in all truth it really did calm me down and make life oh so so SO enjoyable!!
love this necklace and the truth it speaks :)
{by the way, Sebastian Design has lots of items on sale right now so be sure to check it out!}

this bib necklace from Petals, Lace, and Pearls is perfect and beautiful in every single way. i cannot get enough of it!! 

i loved this reminder from Alycia about being kind to one another, especially your spouse! i know i needed this reminder as we start heading into a really stressful couple of weeks. perfect timing for me!

Katy from Somewhere Over the Rainbow is having a really awesome giveaway right now where you can win one of three prizes!! and the prizes are pretty awesome! you can win free party printables {which i could really use tomorrow for Eli’s birthday party}, a personal family tree print, or a surprise gift. so be sure to check that out soon before it’s too late!

this tutorial to personalize your Toms shoes is awesome!! Janee is so creative and i’m pretty sure if i tried this {not that i have Toms anyways} i would ruin them horribly. but i love how hers turned out!

i think Franchesca is pretty much one of the most amazing woman i have ever.met! she is SO inspirational, encouraging, kind, loving, selfless, exemplary, i could go on. she is starting an online magazine about infant loss and infertility called Still Standing. you can join the mailing list here and be able to get updates once it launches May 5th.

this headband from Little Doe Eyed Girl is so beautiful!! i love the details of it! i need it on my head ASAP.


i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
today we are having Elijah’s 2nd birthday party!
i’m so excited and sad that it’s already been another year.
not such a baby anymore…
more to come on that :)



Stacey said...

Ok, too funny: my husband and I just discovered Downton Abbey recently and we LOVE that show! We downloaded all the episodes and had watched within about a week & a half! Lame? Maybe. But it's SO good, and I'm excited to see that you love it too :)

Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Elijah's birthday!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Megan! I hope you're having a wonderful time and I am positive the birthday party is going to rock! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing my letters! I'm sorry we can't come celebrate tonight, but Luke's recovery is slower than I thought!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Thanks for the shout out :) Loving this little series you do!