Spring Trend: Colorblocking

i am really excited to have Bethany from Scarves.Net posting today.
she has great fashion tips and i have really enjoyed getting to work with her with the hopes that her fashion sense gets rubbed off on me :)
today she is talking about the new colorblocking trend which, honestly, i am more scared to try than pattern mixing.
but Bethany has great advice on how to make a bold statement without it looking too much like a rainbow exploded. i know it helped me have more guts to finally try it!


Want a dynamic, confident look? Just wear loud and proud color combinations known as colorblocking. Yes, a person must be brave, but it’s easy! This spring craze that is burning up the runways is easily perfected by strategically wearing solid blocks of bold and bright colors together in one outfit. The colors should be contrasting, yet still complement one another.

Still confused on how to do this? A rule shared by Style Prompt is to “make a triangle on the color wheel and choose two of the three colors that the corners touch. These colors will harmonize well.” Kind of like the Twister, right? Imagine the color wheel as the spin board and shout : “top-- hot pink, bottom -- lime green, scarf-- neon yellow.” Find solid pieces that resemble the triangle colors, wear them together, and presto – you’re colorblocking!

 Color Wheel
Color Wheel Image

Still complicated? Fret not, many spring scarves, handbags, and shoes have already done the work for you. These pre-made colorblocked pieces are perfect for everyday wear! And they can save time if finding individual pieces fares too complicated.

Color blocking

This oh-so-wearable trend is everywhere. Get bold, get confident, fall in love with color, and don’t be afraid to pair unexpected pieces together!

About the Author: Bethany loves to find the beauty in all things, from a fantastic leopard scarf to a good book. She is always on the lookout for ideal fashion finds and reading about current trends.


thank you SO much, Bethany for sharing your tips with us!
seriously. this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, right when i was trying to figure it all out myself and POOF! i get a magical guest post to help ease my concerns :)

i hope you all share some love with her and be sure to check out Scarves.Net for more fashion help.


Unknown said...

I love this trend, when the colors are matched perfectly it's so pretty!!

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Alisha said...

LOVE this trend! I had a colorblocking post as one of my very fashion/outfit posts last year. There's so much freedom and so much room to play with! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the best post I've seen on colorblocking so far...the advice about using the color wheel is so, beyond helpful! It helps me visualize what looks best together, without looking too much like a scoop of rainbow sorbet. Thanks so much for the fashion inspiration Bethany :) Ps. I LOVE that gorgeous color block scarf!