family “hike”

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last weekend the weather was so perfect and Elijah was so antsy that we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a little “hiking” up the canyon & test out our film camera.
really it was just leisurely walking & standing since we just took our time to take in all the sights.
the sights being the rocks, leaves, dirt, sticks, caves, and “fluh-flies” that we saw along the trail.

Elijah loved playing in the dirt and learning to throw the little pebbles off of the ledge.
he kept picking up rocks & carrying them around with him, then ditching it for a bigger, more awesome rock later.
his best catch yet was that big rock that was pictured above. we had to convince him to leave it in its home.

being outside in nature with a little, curious toddler is a pretty eye-opening experience.
he notices all the little things along the way & is in total awe when it can seem rather insignificant to us.
all the things we take for granted like the rocks or the scenery or the butterflies are totally captivating to a two-year-old who has never really seen all that before.

i love learning to see the world through Eli’s eyes.
it really is a magical, beautiful place that i fail to recognize most of the time. just the idea of seeing a small white butterfly can stop him in his tracks as he tries to follow it wherever it goes.
everything is so amazing to him!
he keeps me humble & grateful for this beautiful, amazing world we live in!


Amy said...

That looks like such a great day! It was perfect weekend weather for me too!
You have such a sweet family :)
Amy xo

ashleymoranyoga said...

I love your photographs!!! Elijah is so adorable. Great post!! :)

Jessica Sebastian said...

Agreed! We couldn't believe how "magical" everything seemed when we took Ellie hiking too. It's kind of amazing.

Also, you look like a seriously chic hiker :)

Colleen said...

What a gorgeous walk! Great photos! :)

My Dream Canvas said...

Following you via MBC. Great blog. Looking forweard to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

Courtney B said...

What a perfect day! We are hopefully going to do some hiking in Zions tomorrow... if it's not too cold. The weather in Cedar is AWFUL!

Kelly said...

You have an Elijah too!! So sweet!! If you stop to really pay attention to what they are looking at and HOW they are seeing this world we live in it just brings SUCH PURE happiness doesn't it! I just have to remember to try to pay a little bit better attention! :)

Emma Frances said...

I LOVE these pictures! :] What a fun family outing! And perfect for a little boy! It really is amazing the little things that kids notice constantly and love that we have forgotten to notice. Such an eye-opener!

Janee Lookerse said...

You guys are SO cute! Looks like you had a great time :)


Anonymous said...

Such an awesome hike! :) Looks like perfect weather :) I really love your last paragraph on seeing the world through Eli's eyes, I know just how you feel because I nanny for an 18 month old girl and she gets so excited about things like the moon and bright flowers, I think the world loses its novelty the more you've seen of it- it's always great to remember what it was like as a child :)

Great post :)

Unknown said...

Look at your little boy getting SO big! He's so strong, picking up that rock and everything. Such a great little family M! Love you and hope you are doing well!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...


memory said...

My Mom LOVES hiking. I do believe it's her favorite thing to do. I love your thoughts. It's so true. Moments like these when our eyes are opened are great ones.
Also, you are so stylish. I love your headband!