Saturday Favorites: part 1

day 29.9  day 29.3
[shirt: Shade sale; sweater: Forever 21 clearance years ago; pants: Banana Republic, thrifted; shoes; Target clearance; belt: thrifted; clutch: c/o Sew Beastly; earrings; c/o CCY Designs]

i really liked this outfit because it was comfortable and good for running errands but still had that touch of style and fashion with it.
unless the belt up that high isn’t a good one??
i saw this debate on another blog recently so it made me question the placement.
but i think i like it! at least i wore it out in public a few times so i guess it’s too late now…

and that clutch and those earrings!!
they are both my favorite, truly.
they make any outfit perfect.

so i had a serious question too:
now that my 30x30 under $30 is pretty much over {one more day!}, do you still care for these outfit posts?
i know, i know “it’s my blog so i can post whatever i want.”
but seriously, i really want to know if you care for these outfits at all and want to hear more or if you are glad it’s over.
so please honest {and kind} thoughts!

now onto Saturday Favorites.

since last Saturday was pretty busy, i didn’t get a chance to post my Saturday Favorites from last week.
so today i’m going to post two Saturday Favorites posts from the last two weeks.
be sure to check back later for my second list of favorites.

here’s my favorites from last week:

love this print from Livy Love Designs! definitely need this reminder in the morning every morning!

Tahnie is such a great writer! so honest and real. i loved this post she wrote about what was currently on her heart.

Kassi from Truly Lovely gave this really great painted throw pillow tutorial that i can’t wait to try!
such a cute, easy, and cheap project!

this is one of my absolute favorite hymns!! i love love this embroidery from Take the Cannoli and just think it’s absolutely perfect!

Sarah from Little Penelope Lane wrote a cute post last Monday about all the things she was happy about. loved seeing her do tricks on the trampoline :)

this is one of my favorite necklaces from my sister’s shop, Rhi’s Designs! love everything about it!

i’m kind of scared of heights but i still LOVE looking at ferris wheels. this print from Alisha is just gorgeous and i think it would be so perfect in a kid’s room!

i loved this marriage article from Candice [the new intern] over at
great, great reminder for people dating or married.

i love the simplicity and elegance of these earrings from Shepherd’s Daughter. they are stunning!

i have a huge obsession for long charm necklaces and this necklace from Wired Out Jewelry is no exception. i love all the different charms together, especially the bird!! put a bird on it and call it art. 
i really want to add this to my collection. [hint: birthday present please!]

i really like how Rachel is taking a few simple pencil skirts and figuring out new ways to dress them up. i have so many pencil skirts but i feel like i wear them all the same way. so this was perfect inspiration to me. love them all! {and the colors!!}


don’t forget to check back later for the second half!


Elisha said...

your so adorableee!! its not fair!!

Unknown said...

Such a cute outfit! Great photos, I've always waned to ride a ferris wheel, but something that BIG, wow!! I love the charm on that necklace!

Carsedra of:

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! I LOVE your outfit!!!(: happy Saturday!

Shauna said...

I love the outfit, and the cute clutch!


Eryka said...

I love that outfit! ;)

Alisha said...

Thanks for the shout out, sweet friend!! And keep those outfit pictures coming. You are adorable! Loving the belt at that height too :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Stacey said...

Very cute outfit! I think the placement of the belt is perfect :) Also- I think if you enjoy doing outfit posts, then keep it up! It's fun to see how you mix-and-match pieces, so as a reader, I enjoy the posts!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

belt placement looks good to me! i usually go right on top of my hips, which is quite high so def differs for everyone. Love the Sew Beastly clutch, great colors together & of course love seeing so many thrifted items. I say post whatever you please, it's your blog : ) Happy bday to Eli!

ashleymoranyoga said...

i love your outfit! so cute and casual!!

Amanda said...

I'd love to keep seeing outfit posts. :) Probably one of my favorite things to see on a blog.

Unknown said...

I enjoy your outfit posts! :) My vote it to keep doing them! Thanks for sharing my pillow!!!