[pulling everything out of the box so he can sit in the box]

Elijahism (ih-lie-ju-iz-uhm): the characteristic behavior or quality of being like Elijah

for example:

saying the same word over and over and over again until you acknowledge him

spinning around in circles in the living room while saying “Ahhhhhhh” for 5 minutes straight

having to point out every single Jesus picture in the house to you

the need to pray around the ottoman or else it doesn’t count as a real prayer

taking on and off pen caps for fun

licking all the salt off crackers and then giving them back

climbing and sitting on mom’s head frequently

and being the absolute cutest little boy ever!!
[and a little insane…]

IMG_1601 IMG_1564 
{yes. i’m biased.}



and the winner of the Hello. Also, I love you giveaway is….
#43: Jenn @PSP

please email me at mrs.robinsonblog[at]gmail.com to claim your prize.

thank you to everyone who entered!!
and thank you so much, Sue, for offering such a great prize!


Elisha said...

awwhwhhhh the cutest kid ever... maybe. ;)

ahaha, and congrats Jenn!! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I love that he licks the salt off crackers because my brother used to do that with french fries! He is such a cutie

Sue said...

I used to lick the salt off crackers... I love that your prayers aren't prayers unless in a certain place!

Unknown said...

Haha good word! ;)

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Aw thank you so much Megan and Sue! So excited! Love your little Superman - isn't it so great how particular kids are about prayers? I love how they take it seriously, sometimes more seriously than we adults do ; )