the “swide”


this kid has personality!
and all these pictures melt my heart to a huge giant puddle.

Elijah LOVES the “swide.”
whenever we walk by, drive by, run by, roll by a playground he will say
“swide? swide? swide?! SWIDE! SWWWIIIIIDDDEEEE!!!”
until i give in because it’s the easiest option or try to distract him with a rip-roaring version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

here’s the level of his obsession:
would rather go down the slide forever instead of find little plastic eggs with candy in them.
am i missing something?

it’s just another testament of how amazing the world can be through a little person’s eyes when something as simple as a tiny plastic slide brings the most joy in the world.
[side note that may bring an interesting perspective to this story: the playgrounds in our complex only have slides. no swings or bars or anything. so again reiterating that he would love to stay in a tiny playground with just two slides all day than anything else]

i do have to say though, i did go down the twisty slide with him the other day and it was quite the rush!
oh how fun to be a little child again…


Shauna said...

How adorable he is!
Great photos :)


Blair said...

These pictures are super adorable! What a cute little man! I really love these shots.
Also, you should consider yourself lucky that he looks at the camera when you take his picture. If I wanted to get this many pictures of Elise looking at me, I'd probably have to take hundreds of pictures total. Seriously.

the Momma Bird said...

sounds like our boys are quite similar :) so sweet

Aubrey said...

total sweetness.
You should go down the slide too...
it's a legitimate obsession ;)

GingerPeachT said...

Hahah I love his jacket! I want it! Lol
That is odd that there is only slides! I was a swing child. I swinged all the time and sang show tunes when I did haha

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

SO cute Megan!! Maggie is in love with the slide too! SO crazy that's she's big enough to go down by herself now!! Happy Friday friend!

Ruthie Hart said...

that look on his face in the first picture sums up the whole post...children's minds are amazing! so simple yet so curious and imaginative

Unknown said...

What little one doesn't love a slide!?! They were always a favorite at our local park! Especially when they got a really high one! The best! haha. :)

leean robinson said...

Cute pictures of an adorable little boy. Love his enthusiasm.

Amber Marie said...

darling pictures of eli. love his big smile. dane loves the slides too. i'm happy they are finally at an age where i can just sit and watch him go down the slide! :)

kate said...

Such cool photos! Film? And his red sweat pants are killin me!

ashleymoranyoga said...

your photography is incredible! :) elijah is the cutest!!!