one of my biggest struggles in understanding who i truly am.
i constantly judge and pick on myself, telling myself i’m not pretty enough or good enough or talented enough as others. i have blemishes all over my face, my musical abilities are subpar, and my home will never be as cute as i want.
there are times where i really believe these thoughts.
but i know they are all lies.
i know we are all sons and daughters of a King,
we have infinite worth & are loved by our Heavenly Father.
“It is my prayer and blessing, that when you look at your reflection, you will see beyond imperfections and self doubts, and recognize who you truly are, glorious sons and daughters of almighty God.”
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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elise said...

new follower and I'm so glad that I found you. can't wait to keep reading!