30x30 under $30: day 27

day 27.3 [top: thrifted; sweater: Target clearance; jeans: Old Navy clearance from forever ago; shoes: Target clearance; belt: from another dress; necklace: Cookie Lee, gift]

oh hai zebra sweater again!
yep i’m that obsessed.
i’m pretty sure this sweater and the red pants are the top winners for the 30x30 under $30 challenge

even though my face looks super weird in this picture, i really liked this outfit.
it was quirky and eclectic but still had really classy flairs with the belt and pearls.

i just really wanted to say that at the end there. 

lately i’ve been having a lot of fun jumping on the mixed prints bandwagon
as you can tell with this outfit.
[purple and turquoise flowers/some-kind-of-weird-tie-dye-pattern with zebra stripes]
i was talking to a few friends at lunch the other week and we were talking about how you give “how-to’s” for pattern mixing. when the reality of it all is, you just kind of do it. 

that doesn’t sound like really good advice though, i know, especially cause it can seem kind of daunting when your whole life you have learned that it is too mismatched to mix prints.
i remember one time my mom bought a new bedspread that was flower prints with gingham pillow shams and stripes. i about had a heart attack and could not comprehend wwwhhhhyyyy she would get these different patterns that didn’t match! Tommy Hilfiger got it all wrong!!
but the concept grew on me and it actually is a really really cute bed set.
and now years later i’m finally trying to apply the concept to clothes which really is a huge step for me, ha.

so i tried to think of how i started to slowly become braver about pattern mixing and what advice i would give.
and here’s my thought provoking, grand advice about it:
think colors.

i started thinking of pattern mixing more on the level of what color combinations go together and then went from there. like this purple and turquoise with black and white. or this outfit with the black and cream top and yellow and black skirt. or this outfit with the red and gold top and white and blue striped skirt.
all of those have different pattern combinations in them but the reason i chose them in the first place was for the different color combinations.

if they colors look good together then i go for it.
and really lots of different colors look good together so it’s really hard to mess up.

i know i’m no expert really. i’m not a fashion blogger or know anything about it.
and i’m still on the very tame side of it all!
i am pretty sure i will never be brave enough to pull of something like this:


but if you are like me and a little timid to try new fashion trends and are looking to test the {pattern mixing water} a bit, that’s my deep meaningful advice for you.
think colors.

[special thanks to Rachel for suggesting this topic!]

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Natalie said...

I love this outfit! I want to try pattern mixing, I like stripes and floral together!

Emma Frances said...

Love this! :] And I think you did great with the pattern mixing! It's always a little scary for me to try it but I usually end up loving it!