Hello Monday

hello my chubby, cuddly little boy, ready to play. 

hello ibuprofen. you will be my best friend today. 

hello leftover apple pie that i'm trying hard to resist eating for breakfast. 

hello lots of paperwork & errands to run. the apple pie with get me through. 

hello Tangled, Shrek, Toy Story, and Micky Mouse. i'm sure we'll be watching a lot of you today.
*see ibuprofen 

hello Hungry Caterpillar. you're our new favorite. 

hello beautiful rain. Arizona rain is the best kind of rain. 

hello almost February! i'm ready to keep this year moving! 

what are you saying hello to today? 

[sorry for the grainy Instagram pictures. i just love the ones of Eli :)]

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Ashley said...

Apple pie for breakfast is pretty much my favorite thing ever. SO delicious. Happy Monday!

Kathleen said...

Cute boy, cute mama!

Unknown said...

Your pie turned out so pretty! I need to get better at apple pie making. yum yum yum!

Kassi said...

Apple pie for breakfast sounds amazing right now! :) It's been raining in my part of AZ too... love it!!!

leean robinson said...

I didn't know you were such an amazing apple pie maker. I will remember that now. Be ready to make it for us the next time you guys come. Love the pictures!

Amber Marie said...

I agree with leean robinson- that apple pie will be on the menu next time we are all in stockton! :)