father & sons

"I so ess-ited!!!"
helping put up the tent

hanging out in the tent eating Pop Tarts (per Elijah's request)

two weekends ago Adam took Elijah on his very first camping trip! 
our church had a Father & Sons campout so Adam decided to brave it and take Elijah with him. 

Elijah was soooooooo excited!!! 
we had to go buy some supplies a few days before and Eli was going crazy seeing all the fun stuff he was going to get to "play" with. 
i had to run to the store before they left and when i got home Elijah yelled,
"Mommy, Mommy!! I going camping!! I so ess-ited!!"

i was so happy for both of them to be able to have this opportunity to spend together, 
bonding over manly things, 
but i admit i was a wreck when they had to leave. 
i was even working hard to convince them to stay. 
it was {surprisingly} too hard to see them go without me!

first, i have only been away from Elijah overnight one other time in his life. so it's torture. but i guess it prepared me for this week where i'll be gone for a whole 4 days from him and Adam. 
excruciating torture!!

and second, i was so sad that i was going to miss out on this really fun milestone for Elijah and miss all the happy moments i knew he was going to have. it was such a bummer. 

but Adam did a good job at documenting things on his phone {see above} and i love looking through them and seeing the sheer joy on Elijah's face from the experience. 

he is such a fun and happy boy! 
i can't even describe the happiness i felt when Adam told me how much crazy fun Elijah had! 
seeing him happy brings me the greatest joy imaginable, 
even if i just have to catch glimpses of it through iphone pictures :)

[better take lots of pictures while i'm gone! ;)]


holli h. said...

so so so cute. i miss that little boy!

Kelly said...

Aww, he is so cute!

Sparkles and Shoes

Blair said...

So adorable! I love the picture of him helping put up the tent.

Amber Marie said...

I see another pyro emerging. Have fun at girls camp!!!

Rachel said...

So fun! With the move we will miss the camp outs this year. I'm sad for Luke! We'll have to go as a family.