polka dots & big tops

top: Forever 21, gift / pants: Nordstrom Rack, clearance / shoes: Old Navy, clearance / earrings: c/o Sebastian Design

my boys apparently think this outfit is totally hilarious. 
first, Elijah asked me if i was wearing pajamas. 
then Adam said,
"did you roll around in paint? and your shirt looks like a homeless person shirt. it's way too big."

nice one. 

but actually this is one of my favorite outfits! 
it's so comfortable and i feel pretty cute in it. 
so that's all that matters right? 

my biggest goal when i get ready is to not look like a frumpy mom. 
i've been trying to experiment a lot with my style to see how i can stay looking semi-fashionable, feeling good & confident about myself, and still be able to run after Elijah when he {without fail} runs away in public.
it can be pretty hard to hit all three points sometimes, which is probably just me asking a lot. 

but my go-to outfits that are always able to fulfill my goals are a combination of cute patterned/colored pants, a fun/colorful top, and {the icing on the cake} great shoes.
[it is possible to run in certain heels :)]

maybe my sense of style is off and i still look like a frump mom,
but to me at least i don't feel like a frumpy mom.
it's fun + quirky [just the way i like it] and it's easy to run a few marathons in the grocery store aisles. 

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Blair said...

So cute! You look fantastic.

Mrs C said...

Hah! Your household sounds like mine. I have all boys and a husband that are very vocal about fashion, beauty and trend. My boys think I would look awful in short hair, that dresses make me look old and I should wear jeans and sneakers all the time! Man, what happened to these boys?? Their wives are going to be in a lot of trouble.. You look great no PJ here definitely! ;) Drop by my page and say hi when you can


Rachel said...

It's definitely important to wear what you enjoy wearing! And I love those polka dot pants and your bright colors! I don't typically wear baggy shirts because I don't think they do much for my figure (plus the fact that my family is constantly ready to believe I am pregnant at any moment and I'm quite convinced that if they see me in one baggy shirt they'll think "pregnant!")

Unknown said...

haha, it's okay Megan, I think we all have those outfits we love and our husband don't! I think its a way cute outfit though!

Emma Frances said...

Your boys crack me up! I love this outfit!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Ha! Sounds like something my kids would say. But seriously, the proportion of the top is perfect, especially with skinny denim. I love the color too!

Stacey Kay said...

Fantastic outfit. I love that blouse! You have a new follower. Have a great week!

xo Stacey

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you look adorable.
boys are silly.


Unknown said...

Boys are silly. I like your outfit. I really like your pants. I haven't decided if patterend pants are for me, but if I did get some, I'd want the same pair. They look really comfortable.

Unknown said...

That's hilarious! You would definitely be the best dressed homeless person I've ever seen. ;) I especially love the patterned pants!


Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

I love your outfit! Especially your shirt! I recently got a baggy cream colored shirt similar to that and its now my pirate shirt according to the hubs. love it!

Amberly said...

I LOVE it, once again, because I know I already said that on Instagram. I think it is so cute!!!

Unknown said...

You look so so so cute! You just have to smile at boy's comments. I think they are signs that you're actually fashionable, because you're doing something different they aren't used to :)

Victoria Farnsworth said...

I absolutely love this look! My husband is the same way-- he doesn't love the oversized shirts as much as I do! But you are for sure rocking it, and I LOVE the polka dot skinnies! Loving your blog girl! Keep it up :)


Kelsey Bang said...

those pants with those flats are darling! love it!

Inge Jane said...

I really like this blousy top! And I think you did a great job styling it with the fun skinny jeans. I really love those flats with the ankle straps!

Samantha said...

Haha oh little boys! I love the outfit :) New follower from yolo mondays!!


Stacey said...

I love this outfit! Very cute!

fashchronicles said...

Lovely casual outfit :) You're adorable :)

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