much needed vacation: the lounging-around part

this was the best part of our vacation by far!

not that we didn’t love the. other. parts.
but after a grueling year of school, taking care of a toddler, and dental school application drama, relaxing & lounging was a fabulous change of pace!!

and it.was.

first of all, i cannot thank my in-laws enough for their amazing hospitality and taking the best care of us! i know i totally lucked out in the in-law department and i am truly blessed!!
{i cried really hard as we drove away from their house & that is not an exaggeration}

one of the best parts of the trip was….

{seriously! it.was.AWESOME!!!}

E-rock was in another room down the hall so we got have the guest room all to ourselves.
since their house is {obviously} a lot bigger than our Wymount squalor, it was really hard to hear Eli wake up in the morning. but Mama Robinson graciously & lovingly would get him and make him breakfast while we slept.

at first i felt really guilty like i was a terrible mother for totally ignoring my baby in the morning and sleeping while someone else took care of him. maybe they thought i was lazy the whole time and were just being nice to me…. {hopefully that’s not true}

but by the end of the stay i decided to enjoy it rather than feel bad since we were soon headed back to our busy Provo-reality of school & work
{and i wasn’t feeling good so i wanted to sleep anyways :)}

so thank you thank you for that!!

some other highlights of the trip include:
-boat rides
-going on dates
-going shopping & girl time with Mama Robinson
-Eli being obsessed with some annoying pink robot dog…
[Camilla & Dane too, right Amber? that dog is bewitched!]
-Eli also being obsessed with Chloe the cat and wanting to see her every morning
-and Mr. E also eating the cat food….
-Eli & Daddy swim time
-seeing The Help with my mother-in-law and crying my eyes out
-going to a Stockton Ports game & Eli being totally obsessed with going up and down the stairs.
-ad i was obsessed with the AWESOMNESS of a cool dry-ice bomb drink!!
[doesn’t it just look totally phasing??]
-little E getting swim lessons (separate post to come)
-having a backyard
-having a dishwasher
-having a washer & dryer

-spending lots of time with our wonderful family!

IMG_0952  IMG_0950

photo (86)IMG_0948 IMG_0949IMG_0955

& that’s a wrap on our little vacay!
whew that was long… sorry!

until next year…..

i’m already having withdrawals!


Gentri said...

Aw! So glad you had such a great time!! Have I told you about the blogger meet up were having October 7th??

holli h. said...

i love the pics! looks like you guys had so much fun.

Chase + Destiny said...

I love your blog. your little boy is adorable. I think its safe to say im a new follower. :)

Kelsey said...

I think you haven't had a childhood until you've eaten cat food. Sooo he's progressing just fine.

Unknown said...

looks like it was just what you needed! I love getaways, they push the refresh button on life! :)

Sara said...

Would LOVE it if you would share some of your pretty pics at my photo swap this coming Sunday!! :) Following your lovely blog!