pictures of the week

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this week was a lot of things…
tiring, fun, long, exciting, disappointing, eventful, busy, awesome

Elijah was crazy & sweet at the same time

he really does make my week



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Gentri said...

Oh what cute pictures! You look so cute! And yes, that was a pretty sad game yesterday. :/

Desirae R said...

Great pictures. I also love your blog name!

Now following :)

holli h. said...

yessss. . . that game must've been a little disappointing. although, after riding by the stadium on my bike, I have to admit, that I wished i was in that stadium. it sounded so exciting!

Heather & Justin said...

lets just pretend the game didn't happen shall we? I LOVE your belt. and your little one is adorable as usual.


Cathi said...

Wonderful photos and gorgeous photo of the stadium. ;D