pictures of the week

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1. E is adorable like always
2. E pulling hair, of course 
3. Little leprechaun baby
4. yea or nay on these glasses? 

this week was pretty good
Adam went out of town again for another interview
but thankfully i have some amazing friends that fed and played with me and Eli to help relieve the burden of having to do it all by myself!!
(seriously, Kelsey, LIFESAVER!)

also [if you haven’t noticed that picture with me in the big glasses yet] i want to draw your attention to them.
i got them and another pair for $20
(which is another post in itself, it was pretty much amazing!)
(and yes, they’re real)
but i can’t decide if i like them and want to keep these ones.

some people like them
some people {Adam} think i look totally goofy.
and i know they do actually look pretty weird…..

and that’s all i have to say about this week so far


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Amber Marie said...

camilla said you look funny in the glasses. so that is what she thinks :)

elijah is getting so big. i can't believe we just saw him a month ago! hope adam's interviews are going well.

Emma Frances said...

I say yay on the glasses! I know my husband would think they were weird if I got some too. Haha. But that doesn't mean I won't get myself some anyway!!

Gentri said...

YAY! you look so cute! I left mine in my sisters car (which is now in Illinois. I'm hoping she's sending them to me soon. I miss them!

Unknown said...

I love them! And it's all you, girl. If you like them, then be confident and wear them!

The Dayleys said...

I think you look darling in the glasses. You totally rock the look. Husbands don't always in the know with style lol. Keep them.

... said...

I think they're precious! :) Rock em!

Sara said...

Such cute pictures!! Thanks SO much for linking up!! Oh and you look like the kinda girl who would look darling in anything! ;)

Chase + Destiny said...

I think you can totally rock the glasses. I love them.

Hollie Ann said...


Anonymous said...

I hope you were wanting honest opinions because the glasses aren't my fave. I have no style though so please don't listen to me LOL. If you love them chick, rock them!!!

Seek First said...

glasses are so cute!

I have a fun rosette giveaway that I would love for you to enter!

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Cute pics! Thanks for the follow - following back! :)