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Hello you wonderful people, I'm Holly from Our Dayley Happenings. I'm SO excited to be guest posting here at Megan's darling little blog.

She is fabulous :) And who can resist pictures of her darling little boy?!! 
A little about me. I am a wife to my best friend and a mamma to 2 fur babies. I work at a darling little garden center which I absolutely love. I very much enjoy spending time with my family. I am a Pepsi addict. I love photography and love looking at life through a lens and capturing beauty. I have fallen in love with gardening and adore my little garden {even in its late summer 'glory'}. I am head over heels with the fall season and so thrilled for everything that goes hand in hand with it.

Sunday in Mapleton 012

I wanted to share about a life lesson I've learned this year. Earlier this spring I accepted a 'little' landscape side job. I thought it would be a wonderful experience and a great way to learn another corner of the garden industry. I am the greenhouse manager at my garden center and handle all the specialty plants for spring, as well as planting the hanging baskets and combination planters. I've been complemented many times for my pot designs. So when I was asked if I could help design some pots, baskets and some annual beds I thought it would be a walk in the park. Little did I realize what a tremendous task I was taking on in addition to my 40+ hour work week, my everyday tasks at home and as a wife and church calling. I seemed to manage what ever time I could in running over to the clients home and planting when schedule and weather permitted. Half way through June I was beginning to feel frazzled. I didn't feel like I could continue this side job. I had come home one evening and was showering when it hit me like a ton of bricks -- I don't need to do it anymore. I immediately felt a huge wave of relief and the weight of it lift from my shoulders. I told my husband and he agreed with me. The following day at work I was talking to my grandpa {he's the owner of the garden center I work at}that I realized the side job was too much for me and I've decided to quit. He looked at me and said 'If there is one thing you could learn from me Holly, it is to never spread yourself too thin'. Two weeks later I finished up. My evenings became my own again, the stress of squeezing another job into my insane schedule left and spending adequate time with my little family became a priority.

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The summer has come and gone. Fall is creeping in and my heart is in a better place. I've learned to not spread myself so thin. And I've learned a lot about myself. Today I am happier than I was earlier this year and my little family has become my first priority. So my dear fellow bloggers .... Remember to never spread yourself too thin! :)



hey guys! wasn’t Holly’s post great?? i feel like she knew exactly how i was feeling lately and wrote this just for me! this is such great advice that i’m sure we can all use.

thanks again Holly for sharing a wonderful lesson with us! you should go check out her blog and leave some comment love! :)

also, don’t forget the Sew Beastly giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

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Thanks lady for having me!! I appreciate the experience :)