family carnival

a few weeks ago, our apartment complex had a little carnival
it was a lot of fun!

me and Eli rode on the little barrel train
{which Eli loved, of course}

photo (100)

photo (99)

they had cookie decorating/eating
{which Eli loved, of course}  

photo (97)

photo (95)

they had a bounce house
{which Eli was scared of but liked to watch the other kids, of course}

photo (98)

and balloons
{which Eli was obsessed over, of course} 

Eli with balloon[i love this picture that Adam took]

and after all that fun,
this was the end result
{of course!}photo (96)



i’m really sorry i haven’t announced the winner of the Feed Your Soul Art giveaway yet
it’s been a crazy weekend! 

so here is the winner……

#4: Rachelle

i will be in contact with you 

a big THANK YOU to all who entered!
and be sure to check out Harmony’s shop here!


Lissa Chandler said...

Isn't it so funny how much joy babies get out of balloons? My son goes crazy every time he sees one and he never stops amusing me. Also, I found your blog five minutes ago and I love how honest you are in your "About Me". I've had the exact same experience- always wanted to be a wife and mother, but had a hard time adjusting. Once you get used to the constant changing, though, it's so lovely. Anyway, I really appreciated your honesty in that regard. Hope you're having a great day!

Anonymous said...

Aw, it looks like you guys had a great time! The last picture made me giggle ... that's usually the end result for us as well, lol :b

Emma Frances said...

I love that kids find joy in the smallest things! There's definitely something we can all learn from that!! Your boy is adorable! That last picture cracks me up!

Holly F. said...

Wait a second, do you guys live in Wymount? We just moved out of there after 4 years, and the fall carnival is one of the things we miss the most! I am glad you guys had tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

You must live at a really nice apartment complex! I've lived in quite a few and they've never done something as elaborate as a carnival for the kids! How awesome is that?!? This looks like so much fun, too, except for maybe the crying baby at the end part. :o)

Marie said...

wow! my husband built a barrel train!! he brings it out each year for a huge bonfire/reformation party at our church. the little ones LOVE it, and so does the driver:)

Unknown said...

Your boy is too precious for words!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

... said...

Another sweet post (of course)! I love the picture Adam took too! Lovely! :)