un-Halloween party: the little details

for our Mad  Hatter “un-Halloween” party,
Kelsey and i spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how we wanted to decorate

we really wanted to go for the
crazy/eclectic/vintage/magical/whimsical look.

and it was all that and more!

the decorations ended up being an accumulation of
funky thrift store treasures,
little beauties from our apartments,
and lots of time spent honing our crafty skills.

plus i have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kelsey’s aunt for basically providing everything for our whole party. she had an amazing collection of beautiful vintage plates, table cloths & linens, tables, chairs, etc.
we couldn’t have done it without her!!

i wish we got more pictures of the whole table layout with the plates, tea cups, and place settings but i forgot my camera and Kelsey couldn’t find hers. plus we were running really late

but it was absolutely gorgeous!! 
each person had their own, beautiful, unique plate {thanks to Kelsey’s aunt}
paired with a fun, mismatched tea cup
and we gave each guest a squeeze-it that said “drink me” next to it
it was perfect!! 
ah! i can’t stop swooning over it!

{plus we were super cheap so it’s like a double dose of awesomeness!}

signs 3signs 2  tabledecor 2crazy cake  drink mefood tablespicture walldecor 8decor 9mirror 2chandelier 2decor 6decor 5

these pictures seriously don’t do it justice.
but just know that it was awesome!!

next up: guests!


... said...

Holy cow! Looked amazing!

Ruthie Hart said...

you guys did so great!!!!!!!! seriously! and I bet you can keep a lot of your thriftstore treasures and crafts :-)

Lauren Gardner said...

Wow! So fun!

Alana said...

Love it! So cute!

Emma Frances said...

I LOVE it! :] Every single detail is PERFECT! You ladies know how to throw a party!

Alexis Kaye said...

that seriously does look AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow seriously!!! This looks amazing!!! I've never HOSTED an actual themed Halloween party and never even thought about hosting one, but it seems like such an awesome idea! And what you did here- it's mind blowing!
Love the pictures of the guests too- a little fence photobooth :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!