Inspiration {for Stronger Marriage}

i have recently started preparing a new Stronger Marriage blog post about the harmful effects of pornography addiction on marriages and families. 

as i have been pondering {and praying} about how to effectively present my information
in a way that will motivate & inspire others
this beautiful message came to mind.

i hope you take the time to listen to this wonderful video and always remember
to watch your step
[in regards to anything that may harm your or your family!]


Unknown said...

This is an awesome video and message!! I am not married but pray one day I do get married. God has blessed my parents to be married almost 40 years (next year) and their marriage is a great example to me and my sisters on what a God centered marriage of respect, love, honor, cherishing can be. No it hasn't always been easy and they both will tell you, but their Love for each other and for God keeps them together.

Too many marriages are falling apart these days, because we allow temptation (of all kinds) to come in not realizing until it's too late the damage it can cause.

Again this is an awesome message!!

Carsedra of:

The Presutti's said...

This is such an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kndbbdjk said...

Ok I LOVE this video! It gives such an important message how the smallest choices that we make will affect the greatest things in our lives. Beautiful.

Vivian said...

Thank you for sharing this video. Short and powerful. And as simple as that: watch your step!

Kaylee Larsen said...

love, Love, LOVE this!

Pornography was a HUGH fear of mine when I decided that it was OK for me to actually start dating seriously.

This is such an important and powerful message; one that we need to hear frequently.

I'm not sure if you've already blogged about this, but...have you considered adding in how women can get caught up in their own pornographic materials? Women can often get caught up in the romance of books and movies (and other things too). These can be pornographic, but are frequently not viewed as such because they are not explicit pictures. I feel that this type of pornography can also affect our homes and marriages.

There's my 2 cents. :)