Stronger Marriage blog, guest posts, & a giveaway winner!

this is one of those annoying,
mass announcement
type posts.


but i got stuff to say and i realize maybe not everyone is a fan on my Facebook page where i usually announce this stuff
[maybe you should be one!]

1. there is a new Stronger Marriage blog post up called
Intimacy in Marriage
check it out, here!
{do you agree? do you disagree? do you have additional insight? be sure to weigh in!}

2. i failed to announce that i wrote two guest posts yesterday:
one for My Happy Thought here
and one for The Creative Coastie Wife (formerly Confessions of a Newlywed) here.
check them both out!

and 3. i picked a winner for the 300 follower/Rhi’s Designs giveaway!

the winner is……

#1: Kimberly W.!
congratulations Kimberly!!

HUGE thank you to all who entered!
i feel so blessed to have some seriously amazing readers

AND if you would still like a necklace from Rhi’s Designs, be sure to check out the shop
and use the coupon code MRSROBINSON15 for 15% off your entire order!

and that is the end of my little public service announcement!


Chasing Joy said...

2 guest posts in one day Awesome!!! #commenthour

Arya Samaj Mandir said...
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