fashion pictures are awkward.


photo (15)

remember this post where i said i was going to start sharing some of my favorite outfits?
and then remember how i never did that?
yeah. me too.

the truth is i actually have been trying hard to dress cute & quirky & fun again
trying to get back to my old self
but i just haven’t been very good about documenting my efforts.

and the other truth is…
i feel totally AWKWARD taking pictures!!!
like honestly,
how do you super fashionable blogger girls do it??
i always feel super lame.

but after making that public declaration to try harder to feel good about what i wear,
i have felt so much more motivated to try and put together cute & comfortable outfits!
and because of that, i really do want to try better to document my progress.

on a side note….
this outfit {including the purse} was less than $30!
yep, that’s right!

if you read my guest post over at Clothed Much, you know that i hate spending full price on clothes. so i don’t. and this is the result!

awesome right?
in fact, i’m thinking about posting lots of different under 30 outfits to show you can be cheap
& still look awesome
what do you think?


... said...

You're super cute! :) You look great! Keep it up hun!

Kate Sparkles said...

Cute Outfit.. I love the belt! Great colour!
I hate paying for expensive clothes too and outfits like this prove you don't need to spend a lot to look good!

Unknown said...

You look great, not awkward at all!! I feel the same way since I started trying my hand at these fashion photos, but I will get the hang of it one day, hopefully!! :-)

Carsedra of:

Cat said...

Super cute! You are so tiny!! And I'd always love to get advice on fashion and frugality - after 3 pregnancies in 3 years I have totally lost any grip I might have had on what's fashionable :S

Susan said...

I know the fashion pics do feel so awkward to take. I saw everyone else doing the WIWW posts and it looked so fun, but I was so scared to try it myself. It was intimidating to take my own pics with my point and shoot camera, when other people had professional looking photos. I got over my fear though, and I'm glad I did because it is pretty fun. You look great in your pics and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cute outfits!! :)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I love the belt.

...and taking photos in public is just awkward period. I always feel embarassed when I can tell someone is watching or something because it makes me feel so vain haha.

Anonymous said...

I love the under $30 idea!! And girl, awkward or not, you look super cute in that outfit!!! :o)

I have no idea how some bloggers are able to be completely serious about taking pictures of themselves. I can't do it without giggling, which isn't really high fashion. ;o)

Unknown said...

No need to feel awkward! Your outfit is so cute! I love the blazer, especially. I neeeed one of those in my closet! But I agree. Outfit posts are awkward. ha!

Gentri said...

You look so cute!! Don't feel awkward because you look great. But I understand. It does feel weird to take pictures of yourself.

Lissa Chandler said...

i love your outfit! and i read the post you originally wrote about trying to feel good about what you wear and, as another newish mom, I can totally relate. Something just happens once your belly expands to enormous proportions that kinda just make clothes different and then it happens again when you're constantly nursing and after that's over, you're pretty much just tired. But! I guess that's not an excuse to wear sweats all day, no?

ps. I am totally wearing sweats right now.

Lauren Gardner said...

Love it! Dont feel awkward, you look totally cute doing it! :) I also hate buying clothes full price. BARGAINS!

Bree said...

You look so cute!! Love the outfit! :) I would love hearing your tips on cheap shopping! I hate spending money, but I suck at discount shopping so I just don't buy new clothes! Haha.

Anonymous said...

I think your outfit is adorable. Love the belt. I actually have been having a really hard time shopping lately- I can't seem to find anything cute!

Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you found my blog and commented. I most definitely want to collaborate. Your blog is darling and the look I love. Mine (both of mine) need massive help.

Lisa said...

I love the idea!!! I like to call myself a chic frugalista hahaha. The outfit is super cute!!!

Ashley said...

I feel like such a dork every time I do it. My husband takes pictures for me and I'm pretty sure we both end up laughing at the end of it because I can't keep a straight face for half the shots. ;]