E-rock brag time


first of all, I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY!!
even when i am at the end of my rope with patience,
he looks right at me, smiles his little smirky, chubby smile,
and my heart completely melts.

he’s so adorable!

now that that’s out of the way, i figured it was due time for a little almost-18-months update on the crazy chubster
{for grandparents & record’s sake}

  • he says cheese, teeth, shoes, and Jesus. however, they all sound like “cheese”…. but you can tell the difference because he will point to whichever “cheese” he’s referring to.
    [and for Jesus, he will point to his picture on our wall or in our church books :)]
  • he also says “ruff ruff” for dogs. actually, for any animal. but mostly dogs!
  • E-rock likes to eat with his own fork and spoon now and gets frustrated if you try to feed him. he’s a big kid now!
  • E is totally and completely Adam’s child. {like there was any doubt. have you seen pictures of those two together!} he learned how to open our kitchen drawers and out of all the stuff in our junk drawer, he went for the lighter. then when that was taken away, he found the matches. and now that those are put up, he’s now obsessed with all the candles. and today he found Adam’s butane in the desk in the back room. pretty sure he’ll also burn down a forest someday. next Malan reunion??
    [and before i get judgment on why the lighter/matches/butane was in a reachable place, i can honestly say i totally forgot they were in that drawer until i saw Eli walking around shaking the box of matches like a rattle.  it wasn’t until recently that he learned how to open the drawers so i didn’t worry about it before. they are now permanently removed :)]
  • Eli looooovvvvveeeeessss suckers!! and if we ever pass a bin in the store, he will let you know that you passed it up without his permission! we have actually started stocking up on them for emergencies [car melt-downs, store melt-downs, everyday melt-downs, etc.]
  • he still loves his books and actually has stopped trying to rip out every page. PROGRESS!
  • the chubsters is pretty OCD when it comes to drinking his morning bottle {Adam’s words} [and yes he still has a bottle]. he needs to be sitting on the couch with his blankie and pillow. and if either one falls on the floor, he will stop & whine until i pick it back up [because heaven forbid he has to move!] {he’s already so  demanding!}
  • the E-monster has developed a very evil laugh. he busts it out when he’s getting into trouble. it makes me extremely nervous. pretty sure he’s going to be that kid in school that pulls the girls’ pigtails for fun.
  • speaking of pulling hair, Elijah also loves  pulling my hair. and when i say loves i mean it’s a legit obsession. you can’t get too close!!
  • also speaking of hair, E-man likes to brush my hair sometimes. it actually feels quite nice :)
  • E-wrestlemania L.O.V.E.S. to sit on my head. i am not kidding! he climbs up on the couch, climbs on top of me, and plops down on my head. sometimes he’ll even bring food and entertainment to this little session {i.e. blankie, pillows, bottle, crackers, books} it is seriously so annoying! and once i pull him off, he screams and runs back for more. Adam will even try to distract him for me. doesn’t work. he’s a monster i tell you!
  • even though he doesn’t officially say many words, i LOVE seeing how much he really understands. like when i ask him to bring me something or to go find his blankie for a nap or if he wants to go on a ride. it just makes me burst with pride and joy when i see the little spark in his eye that he is learning new things. seriously love him!!

i think that’s all the little quirks of Elijah Adam Robinson that i can think of for today.
he is pretty much the most entertaining kid on earth.
i love it! 
there is never a dull moment around here with our chubby little E-man


... said...

What a cutie! :) I love when the little ones talk about Jesus! After the pledge everyday, my kindergartners have a moment of silence...then I ask them what they are thankful for. When they say Jesus...it warms my heart! :)

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

aaawwwwe! your run down of his milestones reminded me of my son when he was that age! Time flies SO QUICKLY!!!
My son entered kindergarten this year and I still remember when he was just starting to walk+talk.

Precious moments indeed! :D


Ashley said...

Such a sweetie! Love this post. :]

holli h. said...

Elijah is getting a lot of personality lately. His laugh is truly evil. and his smirk is so mischievous and cute at the same time. but my favorite are his dance moves.

Gentri said...

Haha! Cheese. :) such a cutie!

Emma Frances said...

So cute! Hearing these cute things makes me want a baby!! :] I love that he says cheese for everything! And seriously. I think that this stage is so fun! I nannied for a family that had triplets from the time they were 14 months until just after they turned two and it was a blast watching them learn so much and start talking and understanding things!

Chase + Destiny said...

he is so cute.

Laurie said...

Thank you for the update. It does my heart good to hear and read about him. I love candles so maybe he's taking after his grandma.

Romanian Princess said...

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