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i’ve been a total slacker in updating this blog about the Stronger Marriage blog.
my hope is that people check it regularly
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{or fan me on Facebook and see updates there!}
but i understand that that is not always the case
so i apologize for not keeping you updated

since i last posted about the Stronger Marriage blog, i have added
{like i said, i’m a slacker}
yes. that’s right.

you don’t have to read them all at once but i do hope you take the time to read through each one when you can. i know i’m bias, but i think they are pretty helpful!

i’ll break them down for you:

1. Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage:
i’ve shared with you before (here, here, here) how Elijah was a pleasant little surprise to me and Adam. and it honestly was a very hard transition in our marriage and IS a hard transition for all couples! in this post, you can read some tips on how you can still keep the love alive after you welcome a little, chubby baby into your family.
check it out here!

2. Money Tips for a Happy Marriage:
money can become a big issue for couples! Adam and i are usually pretty good at being on the same page when it comes to spending but when i get really overwhelmed & depressed, retail therapy is my total weakness. in this post, i share a few ideas that have helped us get through our tough financial times and keep us working together. i’m sure you have many tips too so please join the discussion in the comments!
you can join the conversation here!

3. To Love and To Cherish:
this one is the most recent one (posted today) so i don’t feel as bad about not updating :)
this post is very close to my heart. it was actually inspired by this lovely post by Ashley. i remember laying in my bed, angry at Adam, going through my google reader when i read her sweet story. i immediately felt guilty that i wasn’t cherishing my dear husband in the way that i should and went out and apologized. i actually did post this as a guest post here but felt like i should share this story on the Stronger Marriage blog as well. i hope you read it and share your thoughts on keeping your loved ones close and cherishing them.
read it here!


so WOW that’s a lot of links!
i really do hope you take some time to read through them and comment.
{i’d really really appreciate it!}
and i would love to hear/read what you have to say about each one and share some of your own views and ideas!


and since there’s already a ton of links, how bout one more for good measure?
will you please vote?

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