story time

now that i graduated {yah!!!} and am home even more full-time with the E-man, i’m always trying to think of things we can go out and do.

so when my friend told me about Story Time at the library, i was all for it!
i had heard about it before but i always had class at the same time. so i was really excited that i could finally take Eli especially now that he is able to enjoy it more.

and enjoy it he does!

he especially loves the puppets!
and continually tries to take them off the puppeteer’s hands.

IMG_1157IMG_1158[look at that little smile!]
[also, sorry these are poor quality. i didn’t think to take my good camera so these are
zoomed in phone  pictures]

he also loves getting super close to the book
& tries to grab them.

[this one had little eyes that stuck out for the character so he was trying to grab themIMG_1168IMG_1167     

all in all, i feel like a pretty legit mom taking my kid to the library
especially with tons of other moms and babies around.
i feel cool!

annnnddd of course the E-monster has a ton of fun and that’s way more important.
it’s definitely become some we have started looking forward to each week!

what are some things you do with your kids?
do you have community events that you like to go to?
and if you live in Utah, are there are any other fun things that me & Eli could do? 

let me know!


... said...

Aw what a cute way to spend the day :) And of course because I am a teacher, I am in total support of reading and imaginary play! :)

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

We go to parks and after he plays, we do "nature walks" around the exterior to see what all we can find. :)

Kate Sparkles said...

Story time is the best! At my local librarty once a month they also do story time in Auslan ( Aussie Sign Language) so the hearing impaired kids don't miss out. It's such a wonderful program!

Fantastic that now you're done with school you have time to do acitvities like this with your little man!

Anonymous said...

I take my little one to the library for story time... we also love to go to Barnes and Noble (ours has a great childrens area), we also have a local pottery painting studio. We buy a clay object (animal, princess, small box), my daughter paints it, and they fire it. We go back a week later to pick it up. Fun!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I remember doing this with my Mom when I was little :) Cute.

Also...I showed my husband the video that your son was rocking to. Apparently he watched it a million times and is trying to teach himself the main dance.

ashley marie wilson said...

you are a super legit mom because that is super cool. its like the stuff we all used to enjoy when we were kids :) just found your blog and i love it girl. xoxo

holli h. said...

kinda far and it probably costs money, but for one of my classes we went on a field trip to that dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was super cool and interactive for kids of all ages. I bet Elijah would love it.

his little lady said...

ha, love it!! that puppet show just looks adorable!!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, that looks like so much fun! And it's so cute that he wants to interact with the puppets! Glad you found a fun new activity!

Joke said...

Ah. Cute.

Kylee said...

k, so I do not have any kids, but I'm totally doing this when I'm a mom! I love the library and my kids better love it too :) so cute. I remember going when I was little! good memories..