RevolutionizeHer: a dream come true


right now, my emotions feel all over the place.

i once briefly announced how i have had the beyond amazing opportunity to work with Ashley from After Nine to Five and be her intern. and honestly, this opportunity turned into an even great blessing than i originally thought.

for past couple of months, i got to witness Ashley’s dreams come to life as she put together this incredible website to help support and encourage women to follow their own dreams!


when Ashley asked me to help her out with this project, i would get goose bumps just thinking about it. i have dreamed for a day where i could work alongside great & inspirational women and hopefully help others as well. it was like Ashley knew exactly what i had longed for and kindly let me be a part of it.

i don’t have a business nor do i feel creative, crafty, or artistic enough to start one. i help out my sister with hers but i only handle the business side of it. so working with all of these incredible women who are self-employed and starting their own small businesses was really intimidating at first. but i’ve always wanted to write & help inspire women.

and that’s the beauty of RevolutionizeHer. 
it is not just about business, it’s about helping one another!
it is a resource, a community, of thoughtful, inspirational women who are doing everything to follow their dreams. dreams of starting businesses, crafting, painting, acting, writing 
all dreams big & small

i hope you take the time to check it out. and more importantly, i hope you follow the stories the writers have to share each day.
and i hope that in some small way, this wonderful project helps you to reach your dream!

about the blog {taken from the website}:

Verb: To bring about a revolution in; effect a radical change in

RevolutionizeHer is a community built around every woman who is self-employed, or hopes to be soon, and is looking for a place to share her story. Whether it be to celebrate her successes, work through her struggles, build up an idea, get or give advice—whatever it may be – this is what RevolutionizeHer is for.

An amazing group of writers have teamed up for this project to share their stories on how hard, yet rewarding, being self-employed can be. These women are passionate about what they do and hope to encourage you to pursue your dreams of self-employment (if you aren’t already). And more importantly, show you that you are not alone.

Ashley / Megan / Liz / Margot / Casey / Tricia / Heather / Joanna / Ilana / Diana / Katy / Aubrey / Jordan / Kristina


also, as a side note, didn’t Ashley do an AMAZING job with the website design??? seriously when i saw it for the first time i just couldn’t stop looking at it. she’s talented, that one!!


michael + kylie said...

Yeah! Michael and I just became your blog followers! You are so close to 400! Love your blog and think you're so awesome :)

Aubrey said...

you rock! I can't wait to see where this takes us ;)

the Momma Bird said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Soooo excited to join you on this beautiful journey!! HUGS!! xo

... said...

This is so exciting!! :) so proud of all you girls and your enormous, beautiful hearts!

Courtney said...


jen fuller said...

i love it! go you :)

Alexis Kaye said...

wow what a seriously fabulous blog idea!