Halloween with my best friends

on Halloween weekend, my friend Zack and his wife threw an awesome party at their house
it was seriously SOOOOOO FUN!!!!
i’m pretty sure i haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

it had been a very very long time since i had the chance to get together with everyone.
i had hung out with them all back in junior high & high school
{is it really that long ago??}
and they are truly some of my very best friends!!

i can honestly tell you that i don’t know where i would be without their love and friendship

no matter what, they have always been there for me through the good times and the bad.
they have let me cry on their shoulders late at night when i had my first heartbreak.
they helped convince me to go to Provo for school and find my place in life.
they taught me more about faith, love, & happiness.
i have never laughed harder than when i’m with them.
and i have never felt more accepted & loved than when i am around them.

i cannot say enough good things about these people and i feel so honored that we have maintained our close friendship through all these years!!
they always manage to lift my spirits and make me feel special!

i hope everyone has friends like them.
everyone needs friends like them!

i truly didn’t mean to get all mushy before i showed all these pictures.
but looking back on them, it was too hard not to share how i felt!

so without further ado, here are some pictures from our fun night

[Zack the doctor]

 Calvin and Hobbes circus animals
[Calvin & Hobbes // Circus Dog & Circus Bear]

cowboys and SNL[Cowboys // The Lawrence Welk Show SNL characters]

Elijah was naturally the life of the party!
he thought it was so funny to get scared by the guys
and surprisingly, if you scared him good, you became his new best friend

scaring Elijah 2
life of the party

scaring Elijah

  we then played a game called Adverbs.
someone goes out of the room and the rest of the group makes up an adverb [put –ly on the end of a word] to act it out. the person then comes back and has to try and guess what word they are all acting out during a scene.
i’m pretty sure i didn’t explain it right but it is the most hilarious game!

adverbs adverbs 2   
Elijah-ly[acting out “Elijah-ly”]

provo-ly[acting out Provo-ly by proposing at the hospital :)]

cory and elijah[Cory and Elijah]
this picture is blurry but i love it! Elijah got very comfortable with everyone :)

party   talking

party 2

thanks so much for the fun party, Zack & Marissa!!

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Emma Frances said...

So many awesome costumes! Was Elijah the only little one there? He is so cute! I love that he cuddled up with everyone! Haha. What a fun night!