BYU Recycling maze


the week before Halloween, we went to check out the BYU Recycling Plant’s annual
maze of trash!
[well, recyclable trash like paper, plastic, and boxes]

my friend Kelsey’s husband, Craig, works at the plant and helped build the maze.
they did a really really good job!! the maze was awesome complete with having to climb over obstacles and going through a tunnel.

Elijah thought it was so fun to walk through all the materials and kept wanting to pull apart the maze walls. for a kid that would rather play in our trash can than his race cars, i guess i shouldn’t have expected anything less.
a maze full of trash goods was pretty much his dream come true!


Adam also thought it was funny to hide around the dark corners and scare us. Elijah would laugh so hard when Adam yelled “BOO!” and quickly caught on how fun it was to scare mommy. so that became Adam and Elijah’s goal for the rest of the time.

funny boys!  


i’m lame and posted about the maze late… but the BYU Recycling builds a maze every year and it’s FREEEEEEEEEEE!
so be sure to check it out next year!
{cheap & easy date/family night idea!}


Ashley said...

How fun! We don't have anything like that here - I'm jealous!

holli h. said...

it is crazy how much you and adam look alike in that first pic! crazy!

Vivian said...

Didn't know such thing existed! We are going to have to check it out for sure next year! FUN!

Mae said...

Looks awesome!! I've never heard of anything like this. Such a great idea :)

Marli said...

how clever. a maze made out of trash. ;) looks like tons and tons of fun!

... said...

i have NEVER seen anything like this in my life! ha ha! how cool!

Emma Frances said...

I need to move to Utah so we can do fun things like this! {And so I can meet you someday!!} It looks like you guys had a blast!! :]