it’s still autumn, you guys!

i know that basically everyone is talking about Christmas decorations and starting to put up their trees and whatnot….
but i’m a huge stickler in NOT starting to celebrate Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.

i even went so far as to make a shirt in high school that said,
“I will not forget you, Thanksgiving!”
and wore it each Thanksgiving.

well…. i married a guy that if he could, he would celebrate Christmas all year round. 
but he knows my beliefs and cooperates with all the fall decorations and such.

then the day after Thanksgiving we break out the Christmas decor
it’s our compromise!  

so anyways,
that is my looooong introduction to why i am showing a tutorial for a fall decoration when it is so close to Christmas.
{i’m sure you’ve tuned out by now but oh well!}

so, i have this glass vase/jar/thing that I bring out every year and use for decoration for each season. i usually switch out what i put in it depending on the holiday/season.
for example: pinecones and leaves for fall or mini Christmas ornaments for Christmas.


[Christmas decoration from last year]

i think it probably looks fine just filled with decorations but this year i got bored with it and wanted to change it up.

i had some extra twine that i had used for a party once but had just been sitting in my back room forever. i have seen a lot of twine and burlap kind of looks this season with decorations so i decided i wanted to incorporate it to my little jar.

so this is what i came up with!

 twine vase 1

all i did was wrap the twine around the vase until it was the desired width and thickness that i wanted. because i am planning on doing something different for Christmas, i just taped the twine down in the back of the jar. it’s pretty ugly where i taped it but you can’t see it so i don’t think it matters.

then i had this little autumn-style berry branch that i got from a sale at Michael’s years ago and tucked it into the twine. 

twine vase 2

twine vase 3

it’s really really simple but i think it makes a HUGE difference to the look of the vase.

you could even do this with candles or candlesticks, flower pots, anything!
and for different occasions you could use different colored twine or ribbon.

this project literally cost me nothing because i had all the supplies for a while. but i think it makes a great addition to my fall decor.

what do you guys think??
what are some easy fall decoration ideas that you have?
do you think you could incorporate this twine/ribbon idea to anything?

let me know!


Emma Frances said...

I love it! And I stink at decorating for any holiday but I think that I could handle this! And it would make my husband happy because he's from a family that SUPER decorates for EVERY holiday! Haha. I can't wait to find some supplies and make my own!

kaity said...

I really like the vase! the twine was a cute touch for fall decorations, and I especially love the little branch.

also, I agree with you about all the Christmas stuff. Christmas season doesn't start until AFTER Thanksgiving, so keep your trees and ornaments and whatever packed away until the end of November, people!

Meesh said...

Fabulous!! I love love love me some Christmas, but like you I refuse to decorate until after Turkey Day {I am talking black Friday decorating lol} So good for you for sticking to your guns haha and if it helps I just posted my fall work door wreath and have yet to post my fall mantle blow post haha i will do it this week!! :)

-Meesh :)

Alexis Kaye said...

good work girl! :) haha, FYI I'm like your husband. I put my tree up before it was even cool...just a few days after Halloween!

Gentri said...

SO cute Metgan! I love it. :) And I use to be one of those- Christmas day after Halloween (maybe even before) type people. I'm happy to say- NO LONGER! I have changed my ways... but my family hasn't (besides my dad. He's always been that way). But my mom's argument is that it takes SO long to get the Christmas decor up that it's no worth it to only have it up for one month. I guess it makes sense. PLUS it is amazing. :)

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

I am so with you on the order of holiday celebrations! And I love your t-shirt saying ;) but I also love your decorations...perfect!

David and Jessica Clyde said...

I'm right there with you on the "waiting to celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving" idea! I love your fall decorations!!

Letting You Grow said...

I think that's really much so that I may just have to snag that idea!!! Following from MBC..would love a follow back!

... said...

I agree with you! Christmas steals away from Thanksgiving! Love this cute!

Jodi Ann said...

that is such a great DIY! looks so pretty. I'm with you...Thanksgiving totally gets pushed aside for Christmas. Although, it's getting harder and harder for me to hold back. Live on Thanksgiving! Live on! :)

Jessica Sebastian said...

We have found it...our one difference. Almost a deal breaker, but I will just hum my Christmas carols whilst you're not around.

the Momma Bird said...

okay seriously - love it!!!!! so cute :)

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

Thank you for linking up this project :) i love it, will definitely be giving it a try.....
Thank you for following, i am following your lovely blog back :)

Claire x