some announcements

i have been trying not to spam the blog too much with announcements and keep it focused on blog posts and content. so instead i have been spamming my facebook page and twitter :)

but i understand that not everyone has joined the facebook page or is on twitter {why??}
so i wanted to list a few announcements and features that have happened this week that maybe you haven’t heard about yet!

first, Stronger Marriage posts!
there are three new ones since I last posted about it
1. Combating the Threat of Overscheduling here
2. Marriage Rituals here
3. How To Increase Intimacy here

i’ll try to be better at posting about these updates on the blog! i keep forgetting to make updates over here.

second, Seven Day Push post!
i wrote a post on the Seven Day Push blog about Defining Your Success.
{i write for the blog every Thursday so be sure to check that out}
you can read this week’s post here

third, blog features!
i was featured on two great blogs this weeks
Alana’s blog here
and Holly’s blog here
be sure to check them out and visit the other sponsors!

and finally, The Shine Project giveaway!
don’t forget to enter to win a beautiful SHINE necklace from Ashley over at The Shine Project
her necklaces are gorgeous AND they are for a good cause!
enter to win here

i think that’s it for now…

have a very happy & relaxing weekend!!
{and check out those links!}

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Unknown said...

It's so fun to be featured!! :) I'll head over to take a look!