one more Halloween post & a winner!

behold, the obligatory pumpkin carving post!

since Halloween weekend was spent at the Strengthening Family Symposium and bouncing around to different Halloween parties, we didn’t get a chance to carve our pumpkins until Halloween night.

as you can tell, we didn’t use any cool patterns and just totally winged them.
but i think i like them that way!

pumpkins 1

[Adam’s star pumpkin, Elijah’s first little pumpkin fact, and my crooked face pumpkin]

Elijah's pumpkinhere’s a close up on Elijah’s. 
i decided to get out some little puffy paint bottles and just pain a face on it real quick. 
i then wrote “Elijah’s first pumpkin” on the side but forgot to take a picture of it

i was pretty proud of our quick, 30-min pumpkin carving/painting skills!!


the winner of the T.J. Lundin Co. giveaway is…..

#24: Sue!


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thank you to all who entered!!

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Unknown said...

It look like you had a terrific time carving your pumpkins! I had a great time doing mine! Loves, Victoria from Unlock your World

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe! love ya'lls pumpkins!! =D

Anonymous said...

Cute pumpkins- you all did better than us, we didn't even carve one this year :(