gratitude & love

_-2950_-2955[Holli & Jacob’s wedding, August 2011] 

i cannot fully express the gratitude that is in my heart for these two sweet boys.
today, as i reflect on all my blessings, these two are at the very top.

there is no way i would be where i am without Adam.
he is my #1 fan & biggest supporter.
it’s because of him that i graduated in the degree that i love,
that i graduated on time,
and that i pursued my biggest dreams.

i thought the day that i kneeled across the alter and covenanted to be his wife was the happiest day of my life.
but i was wrong.
today is the happiest day of my life.
not because we are doing something spectacular,
{though i love Thanksgiving feasts!}
but because we are together.
we have a life together, a home together, & our precious son together.
today & every day i’m with him is the happiest day because of what we have done and what we will do

and on the day that we became man & wife, i couldn’t imagine being able to love him more than i did that day.
and i even thought that adding another family member would make my love spread too thin.
and then Elijah was born

and my love for Adam and Elijah has grown tenfold.


being a mother is honestly a lot harder than i expected
yet it is also far more rewarding than i could have ever imagined!

Elijah has made it all completely worth it.
to see him learn & grow makes my heart full.
even after he slaps me in the face & breaks my brand new necklace,
one look into his big, brown eyes with his long, curly eyelashes has me melting all over again.

i live for his kisses.
i long for his cuddles.
to see him so happy & excited to see me in the mornings, even if the day before was rough, gives me hope.

there’s times where my love physically hurts.
it is unbearable to think of losing him,
either to accidents, sickness, or even just natural growing up and moving away.
but i know that no matter what
i am always, ALWAYS his mother!!
no matter what happens.
& it brings me peace.


i am so grateful for these two in my life!
i love them more than anything & i cannot imagine life without them

on this Thanksgiving day, i am reminded of all of my many blessings that the Lord has seen fit to bestow upon me.
especially the blessing of my little family.

on this beautiful day,
i wish you and your families a wonderful and happy


Ryan and LeDawn said...

beautiful pictures!!!! love your outfit!

The Dayleys said...

Love love your family pictures!! What a great post of gratitude for your lovely men. :)

... said...

Love your precious family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving girl!

Kendra said...

family is the greatest blessing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous family! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa Hensler said...

Beautiful family. Beautiful words. To know all that you have to be thankful for is a blessing in itself. Happy Thanksgiving.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

You have such a beautiful family! Happy thanksgiving!

Hanna said...

You have a beautiful family. I am a new follower fro the followers fest! NIce to meet you. Glad to have found you

xoxoxo Hanna

Marli said...

what a sweet post! i hope y'all had an amazing thatnksgiving.

brooke field said...

such lovely photos :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I completely relate to your feelings about your husband. We are so blessed to have found such outstanding men. And honestly, you have a beautiful beautiful GORGEOUS family!

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet post! Your family is so beautiful!

Bree said...

Your pictures are seriously gorgeous!!!

David and Jessica Clyde said...

Your family pictures are GORGEOUS!! You are so beautiful, and your little family is so cute!

Gentri said...

I love this megan. :) It brought tears to my eyes. Love you!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful post. Your pictures are lovely as well.