Saturday Favorites

i can’t believe July starts tomorrow!!
where has this year gone already?
i can’t believe how much has already happened this year and how much we still have planned.
crazy crazy!! 

we are spending today organizing and planning for the next month.
and for my biiiirrrrrtttthhhhddddaaaaayyyyy!!!!
guys, BIG/AWESOME THINGS are planned for next week to celebrate!!
so be sure to check back every day next week for some great prizes!

but today, you should definitely take a gander at these links because they are pretty amazing as well. as in i just spent a ridiculous amount of time obsessing over them myself so you are bound to waste some time get some great ideas out of them!

love this post by Kim on the importance of saying “I Love You”
i need to remember to tell those I care about that i love them more often.
sometimes i assume they already know because of my actions or something,
but there’s something so much more special about actually saying it out loud.
i know i can definitely try better.

this series by Ashley and her husband Nathan is so fun!
i love getting to know them both better and hear a male’s perspective about things like The Bachelorette :)

i really want to try these Haystacks that Brittany made.
i think Elijah would absolutely love them and would make a great little snack for him.

love these cute engagements Alisha took recently!
first, i love that dress!
and second, i feel like i need to get some awesome cowboy boots now :)

i absolutely LOVE these sensory tub ideas from Counting Coconuts!
i had never heard of sensory tubs before my friend introduced me and i think they are such a great idea
{especially for busy and curious kids like Elijah!}.
we had a craft day a couple of weeks ago putting together things for our own sensory tubs too.
i have yet to actually put it all together though since we are in the process of packing stuff up and don’t want to have to have another thing to put away.
but i can’t wait to try it out and i know Elijah will really enjoy it!

i am obsessed with this piano.
i have been looking over Craigslist for a very long time trying to find one that we can redo and paint.
i love it so so much and need something like this in my home!

i saw this tape measure a little while ago and have thought about it ever since!
i love the idea of keeping track of our children’s height and think this is such a cute and classy way to do that.
so simple and perfect!

love this simple 4th of July wreath Aubrey made and shared on After Nine to Five!
i never would have thought of doing something like that or using a cute frame.
it looks so awesome!!

and one more thing before i sign off.
i will be {greatly} decreasing the amount of sponsors i take on for August since we will be moving and getting settled into our new place. and then after that i will probably be making more changes to sponsoring as well since our life will be hectic for a while.
so if you are interested in sponsoring, July is a great time to do so since there will be lots of great opportunities for exposure before these changes take place
kind of like a last big hurrah!
{think HUGE birthday giveaways and guest posting while we pack}
so be sure to check out my sponsor page if you are interested
[and i also have one XL ad spot left as well :)]




Tara St said...

I don't have any kids, but those haystacks sound amazing. I love the piano, but I think I love the wall of plates behind it even more!
Penniless Socialite

Camille Griffiths said...

That piano is beautiful!

I need to get something like that tape measure. My grandma always kept track of us on her wall and it has all of our heights from throughout the years marked on it. I want to start that for my kids, but I want to be able to take it off the wall in case we move.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

You totally need some cowboy boots! You can wear them with anything!!!