Saturday Favorites

after feeling like crap all week, i finally got out of the house yesterday to go see some of the GORGEOUS homes in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.
these homes were absolutely amazing!! 
from indoor basketball courts and in-home movie theaters to GIANT master bedrooms and the most beautiful little girl room i have ever seen… these homes had it all!
if you need any motivation to become ridiculously & superfluously wealthy, you should definitely check out these houses.

so while i think about ways to make our tiny 600 sq. ft. apartment look like a million dollar designer home,
here are some fun links for you to check out!

love the 5 Tips series that Ashley does each week and i especially loved this week’s “How to improve your blog right now” post. so great & helpful!!

Bonnie wrote a great post about anonymous & rude commenters this week and how they really must go.

i needed this motivation & reminder from Brittany this week to move forward with faith.

so excited for Jen and Laryssa as they change up their blog and make it a space they absolutely love! i love those girls and think they are so talented. they have great stuff in store :)

a little while ago i got some pretty amazing samples from Tiffany of Perfectly Post and LOVED them!
once i finally found myself with time to pamper myself, i realized i need to make this date with Perfectly Posh a more regular thing.
i tried the Sugar Fix and the Sinful Skin as well as some others and loved them!
be sure to check out Tiffany’s website and order some of your own products.
promise you will enjoy them greatly!

i love nurseries and the creative ways people decorate them!
i wish we had the space {and money!} to do more with Elijah’s room.
but this cute nursery from Christine for her little girl is just so precious yet perfectly simple.
i love it and it just gives me another reason why i really need a girl next :)

so i didn’t really know if i was into the whole tapered skirt trend. but then i saw this skirt from Couture Luv and i kind of absolutely love it!! maybe it’s the bright color {or maybe it’s the shoes!!} but it totally captures me.
i think it’s time i branch out!

and who doesn’t love absolutely cute free printables??
this one from Ninth Street Notions is so fun and a perfect summertime decor addition to brighten up your little space!




Julie Marie said...

oh my goodness.. seriously? now i have to go visit all these blogs you linked to..!! hahaha =) you got me totally curious about a few of these and i just dont have trying to get my first giveaway together this weekend...(so overwhelming lol)
but i def have to bookmark some of these..... especially the blog tips one.. you rock girl

Ashley said...

yayyy saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i want that skirt. xoxoxo

Brittany TYD said...

Awww!! Thanks lovely lady!

Kristen said...

Ooohhhh...yes, that nursery is the cutest! And the display picture is even way cool! && that skirt. Yes, please, me too! Is it the shoes? Because I was loving those too, ha!

Enjoy your weekend!


Debbie @ OtRD said...

So many great things! Loving that peach skirt, looks perfect with those blue shoes too! And a Brown and pink nursery, too cute!

bonbon said...

I don't know how I am just seeing this. Apparently I suck at all things social media. But thanks! You're a doll!