Saturday Favorites

i’ve got some great links for you this week!!
including some HUGE giveaways you definitely should be entering right now.

so while i’m garage sale-ing with my friend and trying to figure out where to live next year
{most frustrating this ever!!},
you can all relax & enjoy checking out some of these great websites!

so without further ado:
some of my favorite links from this week

let’s start with some awesome giveaways shall we?

Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. is celebrating her big 30th Birthday with a HUGE group giveaway!!
if you don’t enter this, you are just silly.
check out the great prizes here.
or don’t cause then it gives me more chances :)

Gentri Lee is also having a birthday coming up and is celebrating by have 7 days of giveaways!
the giveaways already include items from Kiki La’Rue, Shabby Apple, and eShakti plus more coming up
{including something from me!}.
again, you should enter but really you shouldn’t cause i want to win everything! :)

this stuffed spaghetti squash looks AWESOME!
Amanda from Maggiano Takes Austin has lots of great recipes on her blog and i can’t wait to try them all.
this one looks especially delicious and a great way to get some healthy food into my boys
{and by boys i really just mean Adam…}


another recipe i know Adam would love are these stuffed cherry tomatoes from Amy at The Charming Blog.
first of all, don’t they just look so cute!! i love it!
and they look absolutely, positively delicious!
i really shouldn’t be writing these posts on an empty stomach
check out the recipe {and recipe card!} here 

speaking of eating healthy, i’m so excited for Kristina’s link-party Simple Steps to Healthy Living.
i think it will be such a great way to get ideas from others of how to eat right and live right.
i know i could really use the help especially as Elijah is getting older and i need to be more careful about what i feed him so he can grow up healthy and strong.
i hope you all participate!
see ya there, June 13th!

love this keychain from Sebastian Design!
we have one for our wedding and Elijah’s birthday. i love the constant reminder to keep with us wherever we go!
and this would be a great gift for Father’s Day coming up too!
and also note that Jessica will be taking a break come July so better get your orders in now!!

Rachel has the BEST tutorials!! and they are so simple and cute!
{well, the triangle quilt looks a little more complicated but still incredibly gorgeous!}
i love these neon painted pots and how much it spruces up your little garden.
i can’t wait to finally have a balcony to grow plants on and i can’t wait to try this.



Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Thank You so much for sharing <3

Amber Marie said...

loved elijah's words. we still imitate his way of asking for milk around these parts- by "we" I mean ryan and I do :)

Misty said...

Thanks for sharing!!! fantastic!

Danielle said...

Love reading these each week and finding new links! I too am doing a HUGE giveaway at the moment -- 10 days of giveaways actually :)

Big Apple Mami said...

Thanks lady!!