Inspiration: Father’s Day

i don’t know if it’s because i’m terribly sick right now
or if it’s because i can her Adam in the living room talking to sweetly to Elijah about Harry Potter
or it could be that this is just a really amazing video,
but when i watching this i just started bawling.
such a beautiful portrayal of fatherhood and a great example to all men everywhere what a father is.
this video reminds me of my own dad {and mom} who worked hard so we wouldn’t go without, even if we didn’t have brand name items or clothes.
they still provided us with all the comforts and happiness we needed growing up and i will always be grateful to them for their sacrifices and hard work.


i am so grateful for my father, my grandpas, my father-in-law, and my husband who are great role models to me and Elijah.
especially Adam who has basically given up his special day to take care of his son and sickly wife.
he does so much for us that i small Father’s Day post would not be sufficient for him.
you mean more to us than you know!


Kaitlyn B said...

I love this video! Such a great reminder of what fatherhood is all about. Thanks for posting :) said...

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ur baby is so cute
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Freya Lily said...

I love my dad :) We take them for granted but he deserves all the best in the world :)