June Group Giveaway

it’s group giveaway day!!

there a lots of awesome prizes in store for you today!
like amazing prizes!
i love putting these together and seeing the creativity and generosity of my incredible sponsors.
if you haven’t visited all of my sponsors blogs & websites yet YOU SHOULD!
they are all so very talented and this is just a little snippet of what you could be enjoying right now!

as always, i strongly encourage you all to only enter each sponsor’s prize if you plan on staying loyal and supportive fans of theirs.
none of this “fan now, delete later” business!!
they have all worked really hard and have donated their precious time, energy, and money to be a part of this giveaway and i would be so embarrassed if some of my readers did the follow & then dash thing with them.
so please show your honest support to these wonderful women!

now without further ado,
let’s get on to the prizes!

there are 10 prizes and a winner for each prize.
which means there will be 10 winners!!



Little Mister” Mustache Blanket & Burp Rag set from Nana’s Hugs & Kisses

little mister set 2

i think Annette is one of the most talented people i have ever met. EVER!!
did you know she just whipped this up in a day??
and she has so many other cute things in her shop as well AND does custom designs.
seriously, so so so incredible!
and not only is she talented but she one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring people i know.
it has been the greatest pleasure working with her! and you will love her prize SO much!

the blanket is a single layer of really soft, snow white flannel, approximately 31 inches square. the edges are rounded, rolled and stitched in black and the mustache is made of black fur. the burp rag is a double layer of that flannel, is approximately 8x16 inches, and is stitched in black and ragged on the edges.
and it is the most adorable thing i have ever seen!!! 

shop / facebook

Hanging Heart Picture Frame from Girl in Flight

Mrs Robinson giveaway

i have really enjoyed getting to know Laura and learning from her example!
although her life is pretty busy and her husband works a lot & far away, she has such a good attitude about things. i have loved reading her blog and reading her funny stories!
always a highlight of my day for sure!

today, Laura is giving away this hanging heart picture frame from Shabby Chic and i love it!!

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Handcrafted Ceramic Tile Coasters (set of 4) from Hello Sunshine Photography 

photo (65)

Annie is another really talented lady and can do SO much!
she is currently getting ready for small business week and Arizona Local week {which i’m excited to be a part of}. she is a lot of fun and so incredibly kind & patient!
i’m so glad i have gotten to know her and start an awesome friendship with her!

today she is giving away a set of 4 handcrafted ceramic tile coaster in your choice of purple damask and polka dots, cereluen blue damask and houndstooth or black polka dots and floral damask. they are sealed for cleaning with regular products and won’t scratch or damage your surface.
and they are so cute!!

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Pearl Dangle Earrings from Bagatelle Designs 

i absolutely LOVE Bagatelle Designs jewelry and wish my bank account was large enough to load up on all my favorites! each piece is so fun & classic and would go perfect with anything. so so so lovely!

today Bagatelle Designs is giving away petite pearl dangle earrings made of purple freshwater pearls and pink swarovski crystals.

shop / facebook / twitter / instagram: @bagatelledesigns

Small Ad Space on Dearest Lou 


Cecilia is pretty much one of the coolest/prettiest/nicest/loveliest people i know!!
she has such amazing style and i wish i had her closet.
i’m so SO incredibly grateful i have been able to get to know her and call her my friend.
cause seriously, she is one you MUST know!!

today she is giving away one month of small ad space for her blog.
and being a sponsor on her blog myself, it is awesome!!
you will definitely grow from working with her :)

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Two 8x10 Prints from Singledou[b]t (Kim’s Knits & Prints)

megancamille GiveAWay2
Kim is another one of those “it’s not fair that you get all the talent” kind of people!
she cooks, knits, does photography, writes, runs, does other amazing crafts… guys the list goes on!
seriously why did i get so gypped?
i love Kim and it has been so fun to get to know her {and her many talents} and work with her this month!

today she is giving away winner’s choice of two 8x10 prints from her photography shop and ad space on her blog.

blog / shop / facebook / twitter / bloglovin’ / instagram

Adorable Clutch from Ninth Street Notions 


Amanda is an amazing seamstress and comes up with the cutest items!!
she definitely motivates me to want to get better at sewing so i can just make cute bags & clutches like this one like it’s no biggie at all.
she’s awesome!

today she is giving away a adorable floral clutch that is easy to pack around or collapse if necessary.

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Red Rose Ring & Custom Subway Art Digital File from Live.Laugh.L0ve 


Cassie is the best.
for real.
you will not find a kinder & more genuine person than Cassie.
she’s beautiful inside & out and has blessed my life is more ways than i can ever describe.
love her always!! 

today she is giving away a beautiful red rose ring and a custom subway digital art file.

blog / facebook / twitter / bloglovin’ 

Floral Make-up Bag & “The Passion of Jesus Christ” book from Jenni.Austria.Germany 



Jenni is who i aspire to be in another life.
hilarious, adventurous, fun, kind, gorgeous…
she is all those things and more!
i love reading about her adventures on her blog & hearing her stories.
i am taking meticulous notes for when i get up enough courage {and money} to have awesome adventures all over Europe like her.
she is awesome and if you haven’t been following her stories then you are missing out big time!

today she is giving away a pink floral make-up bag and a copy of John Piper’s book “The Passion of Jesus Christ.”

blog / twitter

Crochet Headband from From the Guest Room


Mary Kate is a blogging bestie that really everyone needs to be friends with too.
she is so amazing and probably one of the most supportive people i have ever met in this blogging world. whenever i get down or frustrated or stressed, Mary Kate is always there to offer encouraging words and help boost me up.
everyone needs a Mary Kate!!

today she is giving away one of her adorable crochet headbands that i need in my hair right now.

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awesome prizes huh??
you guys always get the good stuff!

remember, 10 prizes = 10 winners!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


also, i just realized i didn’t pick a winner yet for the Life of the Not So Ordinary Wife giveaway!
i’m the worst! so sorry!
the winner is #29: Rachel
please email me to claim your prize
{and sorry it was so late!}


Elisha(: said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!! (:


Jessica Sebastian said...

Cuuuuute stuff!

Amanda said...

Wow great giveaway girlie!! xoxoxo

Krystal said...

I'd love the mister burp clothes! HOW CUTE!

Brooke said...

Um, you're so cute. Also, it was great to mingle with you last night at Soel!

Dearest Lou said...

Awesome giveaway Megan! I absolutely adore that little mister blanket and burp rag! Favorited the shop and liked on facebook.

I also really love the handcrafted ceramic tile coasters! I liked her on facebook, "heart" her shop, and also followed via bloglovin!

Anna @ Beauty in the Chaos said...

what an amazing giveaway!!