on a summer day

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on Friday we hung out with our good friends and went on a {surprise} hike up the canyon.
we were trying to get to an area to go rock climbing but it was farther than expected.
and hiking up the canyon with 2 babies started to prove to not be such a good idea much longer
[especially with one who just wanted to sit and throw rocks… ahem…. Elijah].

but i was secretly relieved about it cause rock climbing kind of freaks me out!
i keep thinking of all these scenarios where you slip and fall and the anchors come out and other climbers start to pull you down and then people are screaming, CUT THE ROPE!! CUT THE ROPE!!” and you fall to your death trying to save everyone else…

does that scare anyone else?
or is that just my own overreacting thoughts?
i think i’ve seen too many dramatic movies

even with having to drag a screaming Eli-man up the mountain, it still turned out to be a really great hike!
we stopped by a little water fountain that had fresh spring water running through it and it was SO good!
Elijah loved that part and by the time we headed back down the canyon he was completely soaked.
cooled him down fast 

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when we got back home we also had a little barbecue with our friends and made s’mores.
it was a perfect, amazing, fun, summer day!!
when we got home Adam said,
“it’s days like today that make me sad to leave this place!”

i couldn’t agree more…

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thanks for the awesome day Rasmussens!


and the winner for the Our Reflection spa package giveaway is Amber M.!!
i’ll email you soon :)


Gentri said...

Sounds like SUCH a good day!! :D which hike is this?

Misty said...

No... i am kinda with you on the rock climbing things. I prefer the idea of inside with a wall... I know, I know...

but what a great day!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Cute! What a fun day. We are also sad to leave :(

Emily said...

This sounds like the perfect way to spend a summers day.

Rachel said...

I totally have those climbing nightmares too. trav & his brothers enjoy rock climbing...what's that one movie where the brother/sister& dad are climbing, and they have to saw the dad's rope and let him die or they all die? Yeah. Nightmares.

Skylar Magazine said...

Yeah, I don't think I'd be good at the rock climbing thing either. I'm very afraid of heights, not just heights but falling. I don't even think I'd like the ones the kids do. I just watched an episode of Big Bang Theory when Sheldon tried that and passed out, that would so totally be me.

Sounds like you had a great time.


Unknown said...

Fun! Where did you guys go hiking?

Kirsten Wiemer said...

looks like so much fun.
but i know what you mean about the rock climbing.
i wont do it.
i am so scared of heights.
i could't do it.


Unknown said...

Ah! That stressed me out just reading it!!! No rock climbing for me thank you... haha.