Saturday Favorites {on a Monday}

this last week has been exhausting.
more apartment hunting and {finally} signing a contract, Elijah getting sick, Adam’s birthday, getting ready for Father’s Day, and then being hit with a terrible terrible stomach flu.
guys, i felt like i was dying!
i told Adam over and over again that something felt terribly wrong, i had never been in that much pain before. {including contractions!}
i couldn’t relax or keep anything down and everything in my body seemed to hurt.

the irony of it all too was that literally the day before i told Adam and my friend that i thought i was starting to get ready to want to be pregnant again.
then BAM!! throwing up forever.
so thank you stomach flu for reminding me how i HATED pregnancy and i’m definitely not ready yet. ha!

thankfully i’m feeling little bit better now though i can’t move my body more than a few inches at a time.
so i thought i’d take this window of opportunity to do my Saturday Favorites even though it’s now Monday.
{but i’m sure you can all understand the delay :)}

so here’s my favorite links from this week!

i love this post by Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. reminding us to be grateful for the little things.
i feel like i get pretty stressed and bogged down easily and forget to count the small blessings in my life that make it all worthwhile.
love her list and definitely want to make a list of my own soon!

this post by Laura… dying. DYING!!!
after a crazy week, i found this post from Laura and it was exactly what i needed.
so stinking funny!!

i love this post on marriage by Elizabeth and think it is so true!
i know in my own marriage going to school, working, and having a kid all influenced our marriage apathy and it can be a hard rut to get out of.
love her honesty and encouragement to get out of the marriage rut and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place!

this Anywhere Chair from Nana’s Hugs and Kisses is so cute and so GENIUS!!
i love it and think it’s a perfect diaper bag accessory when you are out and about.
you can also check out her Facebook page for more amazing projects by Annette!
and when you stop by her page be sure to tell her Mrs. Robinson sent you :)

even in my deathly state this still looks amazing!
Leilani whipped up [pun intended] this delicious treat on her blog.
perfect for your 4th of July barbecue!


i really love this coaster set from Annie over at Hello Sunshine Photography & Blog.
i really really love the color and patters and think it would compliment any style of decor in your home.
i think they would even be cute to hang on the wall in a kitchen or something to liven up the space.
love them!

i wish i was more on top of things and got this cute card for Adam for Father’s Day.
i think it is so cute and so fitting for him!
Heidi has lots of cute designs though in her shop so you should definitely check them out for the next holiday.

i also love these storybook blocks from Katy at Somewhere Over the Rainbow!
i love the art on them and think Elijah would love pointing out all the different animals.

that’s all for now!
i wish you all a very happy & healthy Monday!!
please eat some strawberries and whip cream for me

actually on that note… what can you eat when you have the stomach flu?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Shane said...

Awh that's no fun, feel better soon! Saltines and sprite are usually the cure :)

xo Shane

Stacey said...

Oh no- the stomach flu is the worst :( If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest eating saltine crackers and drinking Sprite/7-Up/Ginger Ale. It will calm your stomach, so you shouldn't have a problem keeping it down. Hope you feel better soon!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Ah girl!?! So sorry you were sick!!! Lots of great posts I see here though... :) Off to check some out!
Oh, by the way I've always been told crackers, or toast....

Brittany said...

OH NO! you got what i had 2 weeks ago! I feel your pain and i thought i was dying too :( wah! Saltines, toast, scrambled eggs (with nothing added to them), chicken noodle soup and fruit smoothies (no milk) was what i was able to eat AND keep down for 3 days! and gingerale helps! Feel much better girl! get as much rest as you can!

L said...

aww girl!! Hope you feel better soon. Found your blog today & loving the look of it. I especially love the button picture of you in your wedding dress in front of that disney wall. How cute!!
Much Love,

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Thanks hun, loving this anywhere chair where was this when mine where little so cool! xoxo

Freya Lily said...

Feel better!! Love your dedication for Sunday posts even with the sickness!!

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

I am not alone in hating pregnancy!! I HATE it! The second trimester was great, but the first and the last...oh God the last...
I wanted my second as well but I swear waiting rocks because it gives you lots of time with baby uno and it's precious bonding. I can't wait til we stop procrastinating though ( I just love sleep!!!)
Thank you SO much for the shout out hun!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you were not feeling well :/ I hope since this is now Thursday you are feeling much better :)
So glad you were able to find an apartment, house hunting can be a bear sometimes.