Net Nanny review & giveaway


this last month, i had the opportunity to review the internet software Net Nanny.
Net Nanny is a really great tool to help block inappropriate content on the internet as well as:
-filter profanity on otherwise innocent sites
-has time management controls so you can create schedules for each family member
-has social media monitoring (which is great to see what your kids are really up to online and help prevent cyber-bullying and internet predators)
-and it can be controlled from anywhere that has an internet connection.
and they are even coming out with Net Nanny for Android phones!!
{which honestly, we forget that our phones are personal computers now and need just as much protection}

at first i was pretty nervous to review this product because
1. Elijah can’t really use the computer yet, 
2. we already have pretty hardcore internet filters since we live on BYU on-campus housing
{and they do not mess around! they just barely unblocked YouTube!} and
3. i didn’t know how “strict” their filtering program would be and i wouldn’t be able to check Facebook anymore or something
[not that that would be the end of the world but you know what i mean]

but i was really impressed with the way this program is set up!
you are able to customize your settings for each family member and what they are allowed to view.
so when Elijah gets older, i can put it on strict, guidelines and it will be able to block any other sites he tries to go on. but for me, i can still hit up Facebook and check out my favorite blogs without the fear of being shut down because someone said “crap.”
you get the idea. 

even though Elijah isn’t old enough technically to use the internet, there are still lots & lots of things he can accidentally run into or click on a pop-up or whatever.
the internet is a very scary place!
i love that i have protections in place even at this young of age to help ensure that my family won’t be bombarded by crude & disgusting images.

however, what i love, LOVE about Net Nanny is that they aren’t just selling a product but they are trying to start a discussion about internet safety and educate consumers about the dangers of the internet.
i have talked about my feelings about pornography before here & here.
so obviously i am very passionate about making people aware of the problem pornography has on our society.
Net Nanny stresses the importance of talking to your children & family about internet safety on their blog & Facebook page.
and that’s why i’m a huge fan of Net Nanny.

their program is award winning and is a top pick among consumers for internet filters.
i really hope you check out their website and see how they can help protect you and your family!

and today Net Nanny is giving away a one-year license to 2 lucky readers!!

here’s how to enter:

1. tell me what you like most about Net Nanny

2. like the Net Nanny Facebook page [tell them i sent you!]
3. follow Net Nanny on Twitter

leave a comment for each entry


*i was given a free license of Net Nanny to review and no additional compensation.
however, all statements and opinions are my own and are 100% honest.


Journeys of The Zoo said...

I like that you can monitor social media activities. Hope this is open to Canadians.

journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Journeys of The Zoo said...

I like Net Nanny on FB (JourneysofTheZoo).

journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

Your post is informative and very interesting! It is always good to know what is out there to help. However, having 3 teenagers at home, my opinion is that Facebook contains much more drama and dangers on a daily basis than anything potentially scary out there. Be ready when your little men grow up to take a stance on facebook! Just my 2 cents :-) And thank you for bringing a valuable review to your readers.

Kylie said...

We have Net Nanny on my husband's laptop as a precaution, because pornography is a scary thing! We've been very impressed with it. I think it's important to put up as many defenses as possible and not wait for something to happen, because in this world, it's most likely bound to. I'm sure it will be a great tool for managing internet time, etc. when our kids are old enough to use the computer as well!

Alexis Kaye said...

I like that you can customize it to fit each family memeber! :)

maneesh said...

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