Saturday Favorites: Mother’s Day Edition


i thought it would be fun to go through some of my favorite shops and pick out some great Mother’s Day gifts for the mothers in your life.
i know Mother’s Day is tomorrow… but if you are a procrastinator like me you are still fumbling around for ideas.
it can be a late gift right??
it’s the thought that counts.


i love these custom photo blocks from Somewhere Over the Rainbow! this is such a cool idea and a really fun way to show off those cute pictures.

one of my absolute favorite stores for hand stamped jewelry!! these Sebastian Design necklaces {or keychains!} are such a great way to show your love & appreciation for your mother!

this is one of my favorite paintings by Caitlin and i love the message behind it. this would be a perfect print to share with those mothers who are still waiting for their little ones to join them but are still mothers in every sense of the word. it is such a deep and profound painting to me and i cannot get enough of it.
i also love love love this new drawing she made but hasn’t listed in her shop yet. i saw it first on Instagram and have been obsessing ever since. she’s so beautiful and talented!!

Through the Eyes of the Mrs. just opened up her own shop and it’s wonderful!! this necklace is already one of my favorites and would make a great gift for any mom!

i love this print so much!! 1. it reminds me of the joy & fun i have reading to Elijah and 2. it also makes me want to have a little girl with matching shoes. but more so 1 than 2. so so cute!! Kate did it again!

my sister’s shop is obviously amazing/incredible/awesome! and so is this necklace. so simple & beautiful i think it would be perfect for a mom who wants to have an elegant look but not be too flashy. love it!

i love this quote and i love the canvas art for the home! such a perfect reminder! and i love all the other quotes as well from Franchesca’s shop that you can mix and match with.

i also love this necklace!! Laura also shows that you can layer different beaded necklaces and it’s a gorgeous look! i love the simplicity of this necklace but the color and style is still beautiful. perfect gift!!


i love this painting by Birds of Ashmae and the message i get from it. she has other really beautiful pieces portraying motherhood and they are all stunning!

i have been swooning over Soleil Selene’s necklaces forever! and this color is one of my favorites! i love the femininity of it and the beautiful design. it would be a perfect compliment to any outfit dressy or casual!

k you guys might be thinking “why this print for Mother’s day?” uh… stress reliever in the office!!! perfect for the working mom to remember the simple joys of cupcakes when the days get hard. i know my mom would like it at least {i think} :)

i love this headband from J & M’s Eye Candy and think it would be equally as beautiful as a pin for your hair or jacket! it’s so elegant & classy. love it!


i have so many other shops i could share with you but i have to stop somewhere.
aren’t all these women so incredibly talented though??
i am blown away by their gifts!

also, don’t forget that Laura from Our Reflection is having a Mother’s Day mall on her blog with lots of discounts from other shops as well so if you are still looking for ideas be sure to check that out!

now go buy your mom something nice! :)



:::p.s. so… WOW!! i did not proofread my post yesterday at all!! so sorry for the painful grammar issues. for being my biggest pet peeve i did not follow my own rules! i’m a hypocrite… hopefully there aren’t as many mistakes in this post too… are there??


Anonymous said...

In Enland, mother's day is in March, and I sure could have done with these ideas back then! I love all the necklaces, particularly the Soleil Selene's one! Although I think I like it more than my mother would :P She doesn't wear much pink!

Say x

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love that beaded necklace too!
and the after 9-5 print.
those are my favs :)

Ashley + Nathan from And A DIY Life said...

Thanks for including our print, Megan! :)

- ashley