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while we were in San Diego, we had the opportunity to go to the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center and learn more about the Mormon pioneers and their service in the U.S. Army. 

it was fun to get transported back to simpler times where child labor was allowed and kids were forced to pan for your gold, wash your clothes, and fetch your water.
sounds like a nice deal. 
and Elijah LOVED it!

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but in all seriousness, it was a really great experience.
i always thought of the Mormon Battalion as another sucky trial that the pioneers had to deal with on top of everything else they were going through.
and it’s true it was really tough especially because a lot of men left their wives and children to cross the plains by themselves.

but what i didn’t realize was how much of a blessing the Mormon Battalion was for the pioneers as well and helped so many saints get to the Salt Lake Valley in addition to helping shape the West to be what it is now.
it was a really great experience and testimony builder to me to hear their stories and realize the Lord knows all things and His plan is perfect!
which was a good thing to be reminded of since i need the boost to get me through the rest of the trip….

if you have a chance to go to San Diego, be sure to check out the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center!
it’s free and it’s great for kids!


Kylie said...

I've been there twice, and the last time I was there was on our honeymoon after they had remodeled it to what it is now. It's way more interactive and TJ and I loved visiting. Glad you got to take Elijah!

Amber Marie said...

i'm jealous you got to spend some time in san diego! that water looks so gorgeous. love the pictures of eli who is looking so grown up. Happy Anniversary to you guys and congrads to Adam- what an accomplishment!!

holli h. said...

elijah's face in that gold-panning pic is priceless.