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on our last day in San Diego, we were able to go out with a bang all because of my good friend Ginny!
like mentioned before, the trip wasn’t really turning out quite well and things kept falling through.
the night before, Elijah hadn’t slept at all and so me and Adam were both exhausted and on edge.
Adam had to give a big presentation and present his research poster so he was going to be gone for most of the day and i had no idea what to do with the Elijah-man.

i felt saved when i found out one of my good friends from high school lived and worked in downtown San Diego and we could meet up for lunch {after 6 years!}.
but then Elijah turned out to be an absolute terror and we didn’t get to eat at all…
so even the one thing i was looking forward to didn’t work out. 

then Ginny mentioned to me that she had a San Diego Zoo membership and she can get a friend in for free if we wanted to go.
of course we would love to go! 

so Ginny, being the saint that she is, took an extra long lunch break to take us back to our hotel so we could get our zoo supplies and then drop us off.

and seriously, even with all the walking around for 5-6 hours, it was definitely the crowning jewel of our trip!

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we had never taken Elijah to a zoo [at least now that he’s more aware of the world] and he LOVED it!!
he absolutely loves animals & was so fascinated by all of them.
so much so that he didn’t understand why i wouldn’t let him go over the fence to play with them.
he was pretty upset when he couldn’t go pet the tigers or run around with the elephants
{his two favorite}
how do you explain to a 2-year-old that they would maul and kill him if i let him climb the fence?

but once we moved past that and he was distracted by something else it was a pretty enjoyable trip,
just the two of us!

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i cannot thank Ginny enough for all her help, love, & kindness!!
just remembering the experience brings tears of gratitude and love for her.

i’m so SO grateful for good friends who see a need and step up to help, even when it means making their own sacrifices [like staying late at work so she can use her lunch break to take me and my son to the zoo].
to me, that is not just a simple thing and it completely changed our trip around.
i will always remember this experience and Ginny’s loving friendship even after not seeing each other for 6 years.
i hope i can someday be as good of friend to others and she is to me!

thank you thank you, Ginny!

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Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Ginny sounds like such an awesome friends. I know the overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Your son is also incredibly adorable. I love his light hair and dark eyes!

Unknown said...

The animal pics are awesome! Looks like Elijah had a great time. I know how you feel about the restaurant thing, my husband and I have to take turns eating half the time while the other walks our daughter around. She's beginning to get better about it now that she's 3 thankfully.

Michelle said...

Love your pictures!

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful family! New follower from Modern Modest Beauty's blog. Looking forward to following your future posts.


leean robinson said...

Glad you both had such a great time. Thank you Ginny! Yay for good friends. I wish Adam had been able to go with you. But glad you took alot of pictures.

Jennifer said...

What an awesome friend! And the San Diego zoo is an amazing zoo, perfect zoo for a first timer!

Emily said...

That looks like you had so much fun!!

Danny Heyen said...

That place is SO much fun! I'm glad you got to see it! I remember having the biggest charlie horse in my legs from climbing those steep hills!