photo (18)photo (22)photo (23)
[my feet are turned weird apparently…? i think it’s the shoes]
photo (17)
[i threw the tennis ball and he was really concerned about where it went]
photo (21)
yesterday we went exploring around our little neighborhood apartment complex. we looked at bugs
collected rocks
found playground treasures {a tennis ball}
looked at flowers & leaves
discovered new paths
and ran ran RAN!
i’m glad we have one more summer here in Provo and even more glad that Elijah is old enough to finally enjoy it.
i love Provo summers & will be so sad when we have to say goodbye. walking around our neighborhood made me really sad to leave.
i love this little place!! more than i thought i ever could.
but right as i was feeling sentimental & nostalgic,
Eli decided to run away from me & ignore my instructions to not run into the street
throwing me back into reality and taking him swiftly home for his nap.
i will still miss this place.


Anonymous said...

That looks like such a fun day :) And I love your red shoes!

Say x

Misty said...

What fun though. Heck, i am sitting in my office and your post FELT fun!

Courtney B said...

I know the feeling! I miss it up there every. single. day.

Mel said...

I'm moving in two months...I'm super happy to move in to the apartment that we found and finally move in together with my boyfriend......and honestly...I'm kind of sick of roommates and am hating it since ages...always bitching up a storm and feeling like my life would just finally work if I would get out of here.

Now that the day is drawing nearer....I'm SO darn nostalgic. I'm so gonna miss my room with the wonderful huge windows and most gorgeous light ever. All the memories that live here and the wonderful walking path right behind my house. It's crazy how you want to leave...and then when the time comes it's so hard to say goodby.

totally know how you are feeling.

Unknown said...

He's so cute :) My daughter always freaks me out by total lack of obedience near the street.