May Group Giveaway!

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i have already confessed recently my love affair with Abbey’s blog.
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Large Ad from Live.Laugh.L0ve
Cassie is another incredible woman who i feel incredibly privleged and blessed to know.
she has been one of the kindest & dearest friends in this bloggy world and i cannot thank her enough for her friendship!
Cassie is always there for you no matter what and can make your worst days brighter just by the love she shares.
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Ashley is basically the most amazing woman i have ever met!
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$20 Forever 21 Gift Card from As It Seems
there are not enough words of love to express my feelings towards Sue!
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Alisha is that friend who always has your back and is always there for you to talk to even if you haven’t talked for weeks. she is that person where you can pick up and talk to without missing a beat and it’s like she was always there.
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since i first met Laura she has been a huge example to me!
Laura never gives up and she doesn’t let things get in the way.
she has a goal and she does it.
i love it!
i feel like i’m such a quitter all the time that when i see Laura and all that she has accomplished it motivates me to try better, work harder, and really go for my goals!
she’s an amazing woman!
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Large Ad and Mixed Tape CD from Jenni.Austria.Germany  

i met Jenni a few months ago from being a giveaway winner and i have been so grateful to have met her ever since! she seriously is one of the coolest people i know and is so kind to everyone!
i always say i look up to her for her wit and adventures, but more than that i really look up to her for the kindness and friendship she has always shown me!
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Medium Ad from From the Guest Room
Mary Kate never fails to lend you her full support 110%!
even in my hardest times, Mary Kate was there to help boost me up and remind me of my true goals.
i remember sending an email out trying to explain some changes and Mary Kate, without fail, knew exactly how i was feeling and was able to read between the lines to offer me comfort and advice.
i will forever appreciate that!
today she is giving away a medium ad space on her blog

lots of great stuff and lots of chances to win!
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Unknown said...

I don't have any traditions, but gosh, I need to make some!

Amanda said...

We hang out with our neighbors and shoot off fireworks over their lake! :)

Thanks for the giveaway

Rachel Shearer said...

I continue to go "NO SCHOOL TODAY! WHOO!" like I do all summer ;)

Sue said...

FIREWORKS! When I lived in Utah I watched them on the roof :)

Mrs. Brown said...

Of course a cookout and fireworks!

Anash said...

not exactly any traditions! Thanks for a super giveaway!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Amy Bateman said...

We don't really have any fancy traditions. We often have a BBQ with the neighbors and might watch fireworks. :)

Katie said...

no big traditions - usually just fireworks with our families!

Elisha said...

Amaaazingg giveaway!! Thanks for it(:


Elisha said...

We go to the park and watch fireworks!!

Erynn said...

We usually go to see fireworks, who doesn't? And me and my best friend hang out together at the fireworks :)

Jen said...

I go to my grandmother's house to watch the annual parade my hometown has, and then we go out on my boat to watch fireworks! I LOVE the 4th of July!

Amanda said...

we don't have plans yet, but I do know that we will be having a few brewskys & lightin up some fireworks! :)

Unknown said...

I'm mostly afraid of fireworks so I don't have too many traditions. I love being outside, though!

Stephanie said...

Just Fireworks! Love them!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

First - Thank you for your sweet words about me. Not even going to lie I got a bit teary eyed reading that!

Second - For the 4th of July we normally grill out and then go watch Fireworks. :)

Brielle said...

fireworks!!! they just happen to be my absolute favorite thing in the world. the fourth of july is my favorite day of the year.

Unknown said...

Boating on the lake!

mK said...

Not really - but last summer my entire family and my best friends entire family did a weekend campout on my family's farm! It was awesome!

Alisha said...

Umm, does a backyard bbq count?! I guess if you saw it you'd probably think it's a tradition. We kind of go all out ha! Decorations, food, drinks, and a few games :)

Alisha said...

Umm, does a backyard bbq count?! I guess if you saw it you'd probably think it's a tradition. We kind of go all out ha! Decorations, food, drinks, and a few games :)

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

nope! Thanks for the giveaway!

Reb Robs said...

I'm British - so unfortunately I can't share any traditions I have to celebrate your holiday, 4th July.

If I did - it would probably consist of a BBQ, drinks, family and friends. And a lot of photos. What better way to make memories?

Thank you to you, and everyone, for the giveaways!

Unknown said...

4th of july = idk how we're going to continue that in the land locked state of utah!

Amber Nicole said...

before we moved to Alaska, we'd go with our families and watch the fireworks over the river

Unknown said...

July is prime rodeo season here in AZ! We're usually traveling somewhere in AZ on the fourth!

Brittany T. said...

usually wearing a combo of red, white & blue & eating grilled hamburgers lol

MARGARET said...

Delicious BBQ and cold drinks with my friends and family!


krystal said...

We just bbq and drink yummy drinks! ;D

Unknown said...

I enjoy fireworks with family.

Amanda said...

We just hit the lake up! :) I am such a fan of the July 4th atmosphere.

Chelsea said...

We all get decked out in our matching Old Navy flag t's (we're delightfully tacky) and go see fireworks. Only after an afternoon of grilling of course!

Kate said...

Climbing trees with my best girlfriends. Also: campfires and staying up late.

Sarah B. said...

We usually do a cook out at the pond near my in-laws house! Always a good time ;)

Katie said...

I don't have any traditions, but I LOVE 4TH OF JULY! It is my 2nd favorite holiday :) (besides Christmas, of course)

Anonymous said...

Ever since I met my husband our tradition has been to go stay at his grandma's beach house in Newport Beach and walk around the beach of Balboa and Newport and just hangout with family!

Jenny said...

4th of July always involves a BBQ! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!
Modern Modest Beauty

Lindsey H said...

Not quite yet... But 4th of July was the first date with my hubby! Man, were there fireworks! ;)

Lindsey H said...

Not quite yet... But 4th of July was the first date with my hubby! Man, were there fireworks! ;)

Unknown said...

None yet but we might start making one this year!

Megan said...

My grandparents retired a few years ago and bought a lake house in western Pennsylvania, so that's our meet-up spot for the 4th of July! I missed last year because I was traveling in Africa (darn ... not! haha), but I'm excited for my sister, brother, mom AND I to all be reuniting there this year, despite my siblings and I all living in different states and my mom living overseas. :)

Brenda said...

We usually go somewhere to watch the fireworks or watch them on tv.

Amy said...

The only tradition I really have is to wear red, white, or blue and watch the fireworks :)

Amy said...

The only tradition I really have is to wear red, white, or blue and watch the fireworks :)

Amy said...

The only tradition I really have is to wear red, white, or blue and watch the fireworks :)

Unknown said...

we do a huge BBQ with tons of side dishes and we eat for a long time! LOL

Jenni Austria Germany said...

well, last year i ran around poland wearing an american flag shirt and made funfetti cake...that counts as a tradition, right?

Breanna said...

no, but I wouldn't mind making one :)

Meghan said...

Beach, Fireworks, and pizza :D

Christy Ann said...

I guess watching fireworks!

Jackie said...

watch the macy's fireworks, laying next to the hudson river, with gobs of other ny'ers... it's actually really really great. :)

jamie brooke said...

My family and I always throw a get together! It's great fun!
Oh and I watch the Twilight Zone marathon every year :)

jamie brooke

ashleymoranyoga said...

my husband and i started dating on july 3rd-- so we usually celebrate the beginning of us with fireworks!

Elyse Alexandria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elyse Alexandria said...

Hmm....I don't think we've established a 4th of July tradition yet. But it's going to be something awesome like going to the lake or hiking or something :)

Unknown said...

Watching the local fireworks with my son and then having our own little sparkler party!! :)

Elisha said...

when are the winners announced??